Useful Idiots And The Big Lie

The big climate lie depends on a flock of morons who can’t remember anything from more than two weeks ago.

US in Longest ‘Hurricane Drought’ in Recorded History

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59 Responses to Useful Idiots And The Big Lie

  1. Squidly says:

    As I have always said … The useful idiots have the attention span of a gnat and the memory of a fruit fly.

    • arn says:

      The real problem is that they are made by design as Charlotte Iserbyte
      predicted almost 40 years ago in her book “the deliberate dumbing down of america”.
      The average attention span in the past 50 years went down from several minutes to a few seconds.

      The lower the attention span the less the chance to analyze complicated or even simple things or to get insight as one has to be supersmart
      to solve things or get insight about things in those few seconds
      when an average man needs several minutes to analyze them correctly.

      Now combine these low-attention-span with idealism & the fear of not being politically correct and being called names by others
      and the chance is almost zero to have an individual opiniom.

      Now add to such a miserable charackter hard drugs by prescritpion since childhood((as millions of US-children are))
      + let this person grow up in a broken family/out of wedlock.

      And you have the perfect ticking progressive jihadi timebomb
      without structure,social competence or moral –
      with only tendency for instant satisfaction and gratification.
      a sociopath by design.

      Now have much fun with keeping civilisation alive with so many people
      who have been ruined beyond repair+ another aggressive group who is only interessted in replacing your culture with their own.

      • Squidly says:

        Don’t forget technology. Recent studies have shown that since the advent of the smartphone and other similar convenience technologies, the average attention span of our youth has dropped precipitously. To a degree that is quite frightening actually. Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt was quite correct in her book, perhaps more than she imagined at the time. And as you indicate, much of the “dumbing down” has been direct and purposeful. One only needs to look at the current state of our colleges and universities.

        • arn says:

          The state of colleges and universities is proof
          that one can be education and high skilled and still a dumb hipocryt idiot full of perversion
          who on the one hand want safe zones against words that would not even offend a 3 year old while on the other hand he does not give a shit when people get beaten up and/or raped as long as the offender is from a certain background.
          (and nerdy ugly incompetent profs(the male mirror images of feminists) got corrupted since the hippie era by the chance to have sex with young students)

      • Mark Fife says:

        Don’t forget the appeal to superiority. That is something I have given a lot of thought to. It is actually a subplot in Frank Herbert’s classic book Dune, a work that goes far beyond science fiction. The man was brilliant. Appeal to superiority is a classic strategy integral to so much of thought control. You define a cause and define an enemy. Cast the cause in moralistic terms by any means necessary. Convince people supporting the cause is a moral imperative. Being an intellectual imperative works in a pinch, but fails to hit that most important button in the human brain – emotion. The appeal should be emotional. Convince people who support the cause said support is proof of their superior intellect, superior goodness, superior discernment, etc. Cast those who oppose or even question the cause as uncaring, stupid, or actively evil.

        What you have just done is hard wire the “cause” through an emotional connection to people’s sense of self worth, stroking the natural human inclination to want to be superior, and blinding whatever sense of humility they might once have had by the moral rightness of loathing other human beings merely for the sake of a difference of opinion. This allows them to go places they otherwise would never have gone without guilt. Such as hate or violence. The ultimate end of such propaganda induced mind control is to see those others as the enemy, as defective, as evil, as less than human. This allows people to do awful things to their fellow man. Further, it helps to recruit those who either don’t have those moral or societal governors that would preclude violence or at least have lesser developed governors to push, drag, or excite people to step over that line in actuality instead of just in theory or in rhetoric. In other words, someone has to draw first blood and bring the conflict to the next level. If necessary, you attack your own. A sociopath is the perfect tool for that.

        Talk about an amazing parallel to what the Nazis did.

        Yet, you see this playing out today over and over.

        Trump is a racists, Islamophobic, homophobic, misogynist whose supporters are all white nationalist KKK blah blah blah.

        Climate change deniers are all big crooks sucking up Exxon bucks in a quest to destroy mankind.

        People who question the wisdom of allowing mass Muslim immigration are evil racists who hate brown people and want to see people die…..

        People who support legal immigration and border security are evil bastards who hate brown people and gleefully tear babies out of mother’s arms and round up innocent undocumented immigrants to be dumped off in Costa Rica to die.

        People who wish to repeal Obamacare are willing to cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and deny healthcare to children and grandmothers all over America….

        You would think at some point the hyperbolic claims of evil intentions and imminent destructive and mass deaths because of causes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…….. infinity would create at least some numbing effect. I think it has. Most people will at some point come to realize not every cause involves the deaths of thousands and the destruction of the world. Many have come to that realization.

        But many have not, thanks to what? Attention span!

        • Gail Combs says:

          The attention span problem drives me nuts. You can not explain anything complicated especially where multiple lines of evidence have to be looked at to come to the correct conclusion.

          Ocean Acidification is an example. Tossing marine life into an aquarium that you slowly acidify does not represent what happens in the oceans and yet such studies are considered PROOF. AARRRRRGHHhhhhh!

          I would love to drag these idiot professors out onto a industrial plant floor and tell them to go solve problem X where there is multiple confounding factors.

          Unfortunately, based on experience I know they have close to zero chance of actually solving the problem in most cases. After over 30 years in industry, observing the flops, my opinion of PhDs is not very high.

          • Anon says:

            That is the problem with the whole mess.

            1] The greenhouse effect is real for botanic greenhouses – but is this happening in atmosphere with CO2.

            2] In controlled conditions in a lab, pH will have an effect on marine shell thickness – but is this happening in the oceans?

            So, the public gets sold on the validity of the hypotheses based on greenhouses and fish tanks… not the actual atmosphere and oceans.

            The result is the craziness we are now observing: trying to see the hypothesized warming in everything form polar bears to hurricanes.

        • arn says:

          Your analysis about supremacy is great
          -but this is exactly what idealism is all about(eventually)

          no matter wether it is religion or philosophy or science, you just need to missuse the idealistic potential of people(& bribe the rest+defame the opposition.
          An idealistic person is blinded (by love to his ideals)
          and immune to criticism therefore
          and feels superior(no matter how humble he is he will never acceppt that it is his ideologies fault)

          then there is a trick the manipulators are using by creating a catch22 into the mindset of their Lemmings.
          This catch 22 is simple:
          1)everyone who is not like you is a Nazi((as long as he has the “right” skincolor))or victim of nazipropaganda((the word Nazi is interchangeable with the words racist ,homophob,xenophob and all the other artificial words created in the 20th century)
          2)as soon as you start to tolerate those people you are also a Nazi.

          That”s why these people are so incredible intolerant((while being totally intolerant to their own people(who are all automatically considered nazis though they in many cases live in countries and cultures that fought against nazis((uk,usa,france etc))
          and obsessivly tolerant to people who do not belong to their group,though this people are from a group
          (eg muslims)that has collaborated with Hitler and they still worship him(Hitler “Mein Kampf” is a bestseller in every muslim country when released) and their scharia system is facist and racist by default and all of muslim values((except supremacy and fascism)) are 100% against progressive values.

          But as those progressives have been conditioned to consider themselve nazis as soon as they dare to criticize islam or people of color they don’t dare to criticize.
          Even worse-they don’t even dare to acceppt that these groups have negative intentions and harmfull behaviours and that noone is allowed to criticze them until an authority alllows it
          (and their tolerance-supremacy is in the way of insight)

          or to say it short:

          Supremacy is Fascism!!!

          Always was always will be and will always have tyranny as result.
          No matter wether it is a single person or a group that thinks that have the right to rule over others,
          no matter wether it is because of nationality and skincolor or ideology&religion,
          no matter wether it is about moral or good doing or prerogative of interpretation
          or political correctness
          or the supremacy of good intentions.

          • Mark Fifer says:

            Very good thought! That is also why so many seemingly well educated, progressive, and tolerant white people hate themselves for being white. Because being a Nazi (or a racist, Islamophobe, etc) is not only a matter of personal views it is also a matter of racial history. Black people cannot be Nazis because blacks are historical victims. Whites must be Nazis because they are historical victors and oppressors. Muslims cannot be Nazis because they are the historical victims of exploitive white people.

            It isn’t what you think or do that counts. The individual is nothing. It is the historical standing of your race that counts. It is your membership in a group that counts. You must be able to claim victimhood. Lack of personal victimhood isn’t a concern, it is historical victimhood that matters.

      • Andy DC says:

        On CNN, a reporter went on and on breathlessly about all of the records that Irma had set, as if we never had a hurricane that affected Florida from top to bottom.

        All you have to do is go back to 1960, when Hurricane Donna went on a very similar track and was stronger. Winds over 150 mph in the Keys and 120 mph at Ft. Myers. The main difference was the FL only had a quarter of the population that it now has.

        Another difference is that Donna went off the coast south of Jacksonville, made a another landfall in NC and yet others on Long Island and New England, all while maintaining 100+ mph winds.

        • arn says:

          The only two records that Irma broke were

          1)irma made reporters talking bullshit and fearpropaganda more than ever
          (the long lasting hurricane drought made those climate fascist really really angry)

          2)irma was the biggest nothing ever
          Dangerous?-yes.Even cat. 1 hurricanes can be dangerous.
          But business as usual.

  2. Rob says:

    Yeah, it is pretty pathetic. I see this everywhere so it isn’t just with the global warmism followers.

    With global warmism, the key is to repeat how something was so horrible a zillion times so the believers will remember that no matter what. Could go another 11 years without a major hurricane and the believers will just think of harvey and irma and go on about them rather than the 22 years of no action around them.

  3. gator69 says:

    I was working with a client yesterday, and we had some down time. He is an author and was telling me about his next book, which will be about the geology of our region. His background is economics and he asked me my thoughts, I mentioned that ice ages had pushed me into the Earth Sciences department, where I had spent time as a climatology student. He asked why I did not pursue science as my vocation and we ended up talking about the great global warming swindle. I used Tony’s charts to show him the corruption of the climate record and he was shocked. His first response was, “It saddens me to see bleached reefs” (this coming from a man who has never dived on a reef, kind of odd), and I informed him that bleaching is part of a natural process and that it leads to reef growth. A little light went on in his head, and he admitted that he had once read that, but then forgotten all about it (the MSM brainwashing works!). This opened the door for me to explain that alarmists take perfectly natural ocurrences and paint them as man caused disasters. At this point my client started taking notes furiously, I believe I will be hearing from him again soon, and that another new book is forthcoming.

  4. gregole says:

    Yes, collectively (whatever that means!) we have a short memory – but to me and I was around for the Global Cooling scare, it’s all a continuous drama of sorts starting in the late 60s for me.

    Here’s the scenario as I remember it: There is an agent or actor called “Mankind.” There is something called “Earth” or “Mother Earth”. Mankind is fouling, polluting, and now get this, destroying Mother Earth. Mankind is made up primarily of white, educated, comparatively wealthy males. Mankind is evil. Earth is good.

    In the ’70s Mankind was producing particulate pollution that was destroying the atmosphere, blocking out the sun, and this would result in widespread agricultural failures, famine, disease and death. Granted, air pollution was and continues to be a problem – but a problem with solutions and none of the dire predictions came to pass. And let’s not forget the overpopulation scare – also overblown, vastly simplified, poorly understood.

    And the ozone hole; although that one didn’t really capture my imagination. I did look for massive spikes in southern hemisphere cancer deaths – didn’t happen but I just figured it was because people were being careful to protect open skin while in Antarctica.

    Rolling into the ’80s I kept paying attention and duly noted that none of it actually happened. Global cooling, runaway overpopulation, ozone hole…yawn. I used to read science mags (cancelled everything after Climategate…) and nothing. Then we got global warming AKA the Al Gore thing. Well, I knew he was a fraud through and through so didn’t pay much attention to his silly little movie – one of my daughters did and asked me if I was a “denier”. Cheeky girl that one.

    I was looking forward to an ice-free Arctic. Don’t much care for bears; but was pretty sure from what I know from observing animals and wild life that they would just adapt and with warmer weather up there, they’d find plenty of things to eat. But with no ice in the Arctic just think of the economic boom there would be there! Shipping, travel and touristry, real-estate, mineral extraction, fishing, and on and on. Bottom line: You can’t tell me a warmer world is worse than a colder one.

    Then Climategate. Wow. I’m still in shock. I’m still on Tony’s blog. It must have been about a year of scouring magazines and news media for me to figure out they were all lying! No one covered Climategate the story of the century. I cancelled everything; and I so enjoyed those magazines!

    Anyhow, I remember. And I’m still watching what’s happening and seeing clearly that the warmunists are nothing but deluded, lying, fraudulent, big-mouthed charlatan, con-artists. There’s money in it.

    People have mentioned that Man-Made Global Warming is religious in nature. To me, it all goes back to the mythical belief that there is an actor called “Mankind” and something called “Mother Earth”. Mankind (white males) bad; Mother Earth good; Mankind destroying Mother Earth. From this deep myth, various money-making religions have been developed by deeply dishonest people.

  5. Texas Sharp-shooter says:

    I blame my generation, baby boomers, our strangle hold on the narrative.

    The actor Lee Marvin perfectly summed up the previous generation one night on Johnny Carson. Introducing him Johnny said, “… and you’re a war hero. You were wounded at Iwo Jima, right.”

    Lee said, “I’m not a hero. I got shot in the ass. The heroes are still there, buried on Iwo Jima.” Fast forward 25 years and Oliver Stone’s discovery that war is hell, the CIA killed Kennedy, J Edgar Hoover killed MLK, aliens have landed and are re-engineering the planet for their Sulfur-dioxide breathing life style. And I’m a white supremacist for mentioning Lee Marvin because, MISOGYNY, he did some stuff and since we have intersectionality, misogyny and white supremacy go together like a horse and carriage.

    When I went to college the highest good was intellectual honesty. That’s all gone now, even science is post-modernist and a Colbert eye roll is what passes for a knock down argument.

    Still, I remain an optimist. The sixties rejection of “the establishment” was just greatest generation fatigue, can’t these old farts just get out of the way so we can have our chance now. Now the left is the establishment, education, media, beauracracy, and the way forward for people coming up is to tear down what came before. I don’t really see it but that’s the nature of what comes next, you can’t see it standing here.

    • Gator says:

      Well the boomers raised the millennials, so yeah.

    • Gail Combs says:

      And the Progressives are freaking out because the newest generation, now teens, are…. CONSERVATIVE! — BWAAAaaaaaahhhhhh.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Speaking of rejecting the ‘establishment’ I am glad I had put down my ice tea when I read this.

      Frank is 11 years old.

    • Anon says:

      Hi Texas Sharpshooter: “even science is post-modernist “ A very insightful post. It helped me understand the below video, which I saw a while ago, but did not understand until you tied it all together. Even gravity must be re-examined apparently?

      Science Must Fall?

    • Eha says:

      about education, just a real life moment. my son just start study in professional school, and after first week, when we met, he told me, that heäs physics teacher is flat-earth believer…
      and i honestly did believe, that people with interest in physics have some basics knowledge about nature and logics…

      • Kris Johanson says:

        That’s not all that surprising…..There’s YouTube videos with millions and millions of views that demonstrate perpetual motion machines, or engines that run on nothing but water, or just fixed magnets on a rotor and stator generating all kinds of free electricity

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          I think the free electricity people are the same individuals who keep telling me we can make hydrogen from water when I ask what original source of energy we will use after they ban hydrocarbon fuels. We have a lot of them in Boulder. We also have a giant crystal dome under the city that sends us positive energy.

  6. Robertv says:

    The big climate lie is just one of the many lies to take away the power of the people. We are numbers and numbers have no rights.

    Congress is where you will find most Useful Idiots per m2.

  7. Gail Combs says:

    Of Topic… well maybe.

    Report from a guy living in Central West Coast, one street from the intracoastal which is open to the Gulf. who had a weather station up and running all through the hurricane.

    … I have a full fledged weather station on my roof and it recorded the whole event because it has battery backup.

    I was so surprised when I looked at the data! At my house the wind never exceeded 51mph sustained. It did this for about 4 hours. So, that is mid range tropical storm winds, and the damage to trees and power lines was pretty extensive. I verified with a friend that has the same setup inland. His never exceeded 42mph. Then I verified with the Tampa airport. Highest gusts there were 65mph….

    That said I strongly believe that the NHC and the TV stations tend to exaggerate the winds speeds. 60mph winds for four hours will do a tremendous amount of damage.


    • arn says:

      i’m pretty sure that people will soon find out that there have been cat. 2 and maybe even cat. 1 hurricanes which had a similar “apocalyptic” impact as irma.

    • RAH says:

      During the live coverage as Irma came ashore at Naples, the Weather Channel reported gusts of 130 and 142 at the Naples airport while I was watching. I heard they revised those down considerably later claiming they had misunderstood the report. That storm was a weak CAT 3 at best when it came ashore and quickly dropped to a CAT 2. The NWS and Weather Channel were well behind what was actually happening on the ground with the winds. But the fact is the storm of huge and thus the winds, though not nearly as high as the could have been, were sustained for some time.

      Florida actually dodged a bullet. That storm, had it not run along the coast of Cuba, could have been a house flattening type like Andrew but with a devastating wind field 3-4 times larger. They have evacuated the entire population of the leeward island of Barbuda which took the full fury of the storm and was even imaged by a satellite through the eye as Irma passed over. Bad bad news when a powerful hurricane with a well developed eye passes right over you and you get maximum winds and storm surge twice but the second time is 180 degrees from the first. No place to hide in a place like that.

  8. RAH says:

    Yards mowed and time around the fire with my good friend and neighbor tonight. Tomorrow my girls and grandbaby come over for pork loin ribs, the meaty kind each about 2″ x 3″. Go Karts and dirt bike to play with in the field.
    After removing the fascia I’ve had the ribs are marinating in a Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce in the fridge since noon today. Before I go to bed I will pull out the freezer bags the ribs are marinating in and squish them around and turn the over to make sure every bit has the sauce on it.

    Tomorrow pull them out to come to room temp before the company arrives. Then when ready put the ribs on the top rack of the grill. Smoker box filled with soaked hickory chips over the left hand burner which is on high. The other two burners on low. Rotate ribs over the high side where the smoker box is as needed and mop them every time you move or flip them. Late season sweet corn on the cob, which is best, dinner rolls, and mashed potatoes round out the fare. After dinner a Rocky Patel vintage cigar and perhaps a snifter of Grand Mariner.

    We have a nice few days of highs in the low 80’s forecast. Perhaps the last summer like days of we get but even if they are there won’t be too many more opportunities to do such things in this part of the country this year. So making hay while the sun shines.

    • Kris Johanson says:

      Braggart! RAH if I ate like you I’d be, well, much laaaarger. I’m trying to keep up with my college daughter on longer bike rides these days, and it is basically a lost cause… but I’m not going to give up

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      RAH, I can tell you are prepping the ribs and applying Matula’s marinade with competence and love.

      The world would be a better place if climate scientists could rise to the level of care and excellence you exhibit even in your free time when cooking for your family. ?

      • RAH says:

        Yea, I imagine you hate cooking shows too! Last night right after I wrote the above my phone rang. Work called wanting me to go out right away on a run. I’m supposed to be off duty from 06:00 Friday until 06:00 Sunday but will run for them when they need me to during my time off if possible. However last night I’d had three Jacks & Cokes and wasn’t driving anything anywhere. CDL drivers must blow 00.00. No slack as there is for regular drivers.

        • RAH says:

          My comment was to Kris of course.

          But CW, perhaps if Climate Scientists were forced to immediately live with the direct results of their maleficence or incompetence we would all be better off.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            I like your idea, RAH.

            Every time we catch them cooking the numbers they’d have to eat the report’s printed version. Major IPCC perpetrators, for example, and their co-conspirators among politicians would get a week to eat the long version, minor offenders would have 3 days to eat the Summary for Policymakers.

            I’ve seen more boring cooking show than that. I would watch every time but I’m afraid the popularity among participants would decline dramatically.

          • RAH says:

            Your WAY too nice CW. I was thinking more along the lines of the results for them being as expressed in Gators, starving brown people, line.

          • RAH says:

            No Grand Mariner for me. Go out at 02:00 tomorrow morning. Findlay, OH then down to Dyersburg, TN to deliver the can lids. Ribs are on though. Had the bike out. Still runs as nice as it looks. Just wish I had more time to ride it.

    • Gail Combs says:

      RAH, will that recipe work on ribs from a tough as shoe leather old goat?

      I have rack of ribs from a goat and from a lamb and I am going to make up my own (salt free) BBQ sauce with the tomatoes and jalapenos from the garden plus vinegar plus honey and spices.
      After dealing with the stew meat from that goat, I think it is going to take about a week in the marinade. (This years goat is going to end up as mainly ground meat to save my teeth!!)

      • RAH says:

        I have no idea about that Gail. Butchered and eaten some Goat in my time, back when I was going through Med Lab at Ft. Bragg, but never BBQed the ribs. I would go as heavy as I could on the vinegar in your sauce without ruining the taste and allow 24 hours to marinate them. Some folks boil the tougher cuts before BBQ but I’ve never been a fan of the flavor or texture rendered by that method. Pealing off any fascia is a key to making great ribs from any animal also since that fibrous membrane acts as an impermeable barrier and prevents the sauce from getting to the meat. I suspect removing it will be an even more tedious job with the goat than it is with the pork.

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