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Nick is no longer trying to defend USHCN, and is now spreading mindless FUD about it. Perhaps he realizes that my assertions about USHCN adjustments are correct. USHCN has not been discontinued, the data is updated every single day. Adjusted … Continue reading

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Plummeting October 5 Temperatures In The US

October 5 used to be a warm day in the US, but temperatures have plummeted nearly five degrees since the 19th century. There was a big drop in the area of the US affected by hot weather after 1954. On … Continue reading

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1954 – Arctic Ice Thinning And Receding

04 Feb 1954, Page 26 – Daily Independent Journal at Newspapers.com 1954 was the low point, and ice extent increased from 1954 to 1979. Climate scientists pretend they don’t have any data before 1979, because it destroys their multi-billion dollar … Continue reading

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Nick Stokes Busted : Part 4

In part 2 of this series, I took down Nick’s claim : Steven Goddard produces these plots, and they seem to circulate endlessly, with no attempt at fact-checking, or even sourcing. I try, but it’s wearing. He said that there … Continue reading

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