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The Completely Worthless Global Temperature Record

NOAA has no daily temperature records for any location in South America prior to 1908. From 1908 to 1931, they had only one station – at Buenos Aires. One of the worst urban heat island contaminated thermometers on Earth. That … Continue reading

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Mosher Busted By Gavin Schmidt, Zeke Hausfather And Nick Stokes

Mosher is afraid to come over here, and is posting more nonsense on WUWT. Dirty bird carcasses tell the story of how air pollution has improved in the last 100 years | Watts Up With That? Mosher’s stupidity and dishonesty … Continue reading

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NOAA/NASA Iceland Fraud – Worse Than It Seems

I’ve blogged numerous times about NOAA and NASA erasing the 1940’s warmth in Iceland. Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis The CIA knew about the 1930s-1940’s warmth in Iceland and subsequent cooling. a number of climatologists are in agreement that the … Continue reading

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