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Nick Stokes Busted : Part 5

Nick and Zeke’s favorite justification for NOAA data tampering, which turns US cooling into warming – is “changing station composition” – i.e. the set of USHCN stations isn’t identical from year to year. In this post I examine that rationalization. … Continue reading

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Hillary And Her Sexual Predators

Hillary’s closest associates are sexual predators, but that isn’t newsworthy. However, Trump saying “pussy” was all the press could talk about for a month. CNN didn’t find this to be newsworthy.

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Shortest Summer On Record In Colorado

We had a big snowstorm on May 18 And we have a big snowstorm forecast for Monday. That will be 144 days between snowfalls greater than 5cm (2 inches) beating the previous record of 147 days – set seventy years … Continue reading

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