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1973 : Brown, Columbia, Oregon State Universities Predicted A New Ice Age

In 1973, the Climate Long Range Mapping And Prediction Project (CLIMPA) from Brown, Columbia, and OSU predicted a new ice age. 15 Apr 1973, 59 – The Post-Crescent at Newspapers.com In 1975, CLIMPA downgraded it to a little ice age. They … Continue reading

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Moonlight Landing

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New Video : Corrupted Climate Graphs Lead To Corrupted Climate Science

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Corrupted NASA Graphs And Corrupted NOAA Thinking

Twenty years ago, government experts said 1.5C warming in the Arctic from 1840 to 1950 was largely due to natural forces, but recent warming “must be attributed to greenhouse gases” 14 Nov 1997, Page 7 – The Salina Journal at … Continue reading

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Plummeting October 15 Temperatures In The US

October 15 used to be a warm day in the US, but temperatures have plummeted over the past century. The percent of the US over 80 degrees plummeted during the 1970s. On this date in 1938, much of the Midwest … Continue reading

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