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What Progressives Want To Destroy

The City Of Boulder, Colorado wants to let CU Boulder destroy these wetlands, in order to keep them on board with the city’s renewable energy plan. Sacrificing the local environment, in order to pretend they are doing something about the … Continue reading

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The October 1, 1953 Heatwave

September/October brought an unprecedented heatwave in 1953. On this date in 1953, much of the country was over 90 and 100 degrees. There were 90 degree temperatures as far north as Ithaca, New York – where my life started four … Continue reading

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Looking For Work

The company I have been working for as a contractor has run out of new development work for me, and has severely curtailed my hours. Other than (much appreciated) small donations on my blog, my climate research is self-funded and … Continue reading

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Crooked Little Girl

Katharine Hayhoe tries to pass herself off as a sweet, perky Christian girl. She is actually one of the most dishonest people I have ever had to deal with. Check out this paragraph from the Obama National Climate Assessment which … Continue reading

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Rain Delay

This was our eighth strait day of rain Boulder, but it stopped just long enough to get some good sunset pictures.

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Reading Between The Lines

We choose to live in a safe lilly-white neighborhood in Los Alamos, New Mexico. We support any form of perversion. Anyone who doesn’t play along with our global warming scam needs to shut up. We support murdering millions of innocent … Continue reading

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Understanding The Difference Between Climate And Cherry Picking

A low ice day in March is climate, but a huge increase in September ice over the past five years is cherry-picking. In 2012, experts told us that the winter maximum is meaningless, all that mattered was the summer minimum. … Continue reading

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