The Completely Worthless Global Temperature Record

NOAA has no daily temperature records for any location in South America prior to 1908. From 1908 to 1931, they had only one station – at Buenos Aires. One of the worst urban heat island contaminated thermometers on Earth.

That thermometer showed a lot of warming over the past century.

In 1931, South America got another thermometer, across the bay in Uruguay. Now there were two thermometers with daily temperature records for the entire continent.

That thermometer showed a lot of cooling while it was active through 1996.

Given that the more rural station showed cooling, it would make sense to believe that part of South America was cooling from 1930 to 1996, and that Buenos Aires warming was a local effect caused by urbanization.

But the fraudsters at NASA and NOAA show warming.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis: Global Maps from GHCN v3 Data

Facts don’t fit the global warming agenda. There is no NOAA daily temperature data for South America prior to 1908, the data from 1908 to 1931 is from a single UHI contaminated station, and from 1931 to 1996 NOAA/NASA show non-existent warming.

Junk science doesn’t get any worse than this.

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