Eleven Years After The Demise Of Whistler

Eleven years ago, the fake news New York Times announced the demise of Whistler ski area due to global warming.


This year. Vail Resorts bought Whistler for one billion dollars, and Bloomberg declared it to be the best ski resort in North America.

Whistler, North America’s Best Ski Resort, Is About to Get Even Better – Bloomberg

The New York Times loves climate fake news. Three years ago they announced the end of snow everywhere.

The End of Snow? – The New York Times

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6 Responses to Eleven Years After The Demise Of Whistler

  1. Rob says:

    End of snow! Haha, awesome. The clowns at NYT are insane.

  2. Steve Parker says:


    We’re off to a great start in the PNW! Timberline has already opened one lift, and they have a 29″ base, more typical of December. Some warm rain this coming week may melt some of that, but lowering snow levels and more heavy precip could get them even higher by next weekend.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Snow has actually trended up in general. For many east coast major cities, most of history’s biggest snows have come since 1996. For DC, only one 15″+ snowstorm from 1900 to 1978. Since 1979, there have been 7! Does not exactly sound like the end of snow.

  4. Kris Johanson says:

    Whistler is a 4 hour grueling drive from Washington state, and the snow is wet and heavy and half the time it’s raining. I skied the Western Cascades as a youth and the snow just grabs your ski edges and throws you all over. Beautiful scenery, yes, but the snow is way better around Tahoe and in Colorado and EVERYBODY knows that

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