Falling October 9 Temperatures In The US

October 9 used to be a very warm day in the US, but temperatures have declined over the past century.

On this date in 1928, Most of the eastern US was over 80F, much of the Midwest was over 90F, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas was 100F

Fake scientists Zeke and Nick would of course try to claim that the past heat was due to “changing station composition” – but if we look at the complete set of stations which have been continuously active over the past century, we see exactly the same pattern.

The US used to be much warmer, and attempts to hide this are not based on science.

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One Response to Falling October 9 Temperatures In The US

  1. Geoff Sherrington says:

    Hi Tony,
    Photographic skill there! Looks a nice camera. Can you tell us the type & lens? Colours are good, wonder if you post-process a little or shoot on vivid.
    You have been to Sydney Australia. Here is the historical record of October 9th maximum temperatures. Shows no alarming increase over the last 100 years or more.
    Cheers Geoff.

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