Famous Lines From Democrats

I attended the Women’s March on DC, wearing a Make America Great Again hat. I got called every obscenity in the book. Later, a Democratic acquaintance told me :

You should have known better than to wear a Trump hat in Washington (the day after he was inaugurated)

Nothing has changed. In the 1960’s Democrats told black people that they should have known better than to use the white rest room.

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4 Responses to Famous Lines From Democrats

  1. Kris Johanson says:

    Senator Byrd used to be called “The Conscience of the Senate”. The latest news is, we have a D.C. pharmacist who hand-delivers Alzheimers meds to current Senators.

  2. Mr GrimNasty says:

    The BBC rolled out the red carpet for Hillary yesterday.

    Face all over the news commenting/condemning/distancing herself from Weinstein.

    She said that sort of behaviour was unacceptable in any arena, yet the BBC asked no questions about her husband or her previously expressed views on woman he “didn’t” have sexual relations with. Of course if she’d thrown Bill under the bus years ago, she wouldn’t of had a shot at presidency – no such awkward questions from the BBC.

    Then they gave her top billing to plug her book on the top evening show slot, again, completely reverential and obsequious questions. Every excuse under the sun for losing – the Russians and ‘unjustified’ character assassination.

    She still doesn’t get that she lost because she is more egregiously repugnant and manifestly dishonest than even Trump.

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