Google News Goes Full Orwell

100% fake news from the Ministry of Truth.

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9 Responses to Google News Goes Full Orwell

  1. BBould says:

    A farmer once told me that a Cow belches much more methane than it farts. I don’t if he was pulling my leg though.

    • Phil Jones says:

      Yep, every day a parade of if’s, may, might, could, could by 2100 bullshit..

      Over the past 10 years the Klimate Change $$ Cult has linked anything and everything negative to CO2 based Global Warming!!

  2. Timo Soren says:

    Good luck on the jobs search. My bro, had to move away from a contractor that also slowed too much. He also commented that new programmers have too little comments and bad api.

  3. Rob says:

    This is how you build a religion in the 21st century. You can’t just find a book from unknown authors and say it is holy/fact now so you just get the media/Goolag to push it every day and repeat the same stuff over and over and make people think they are evil if they don’t believe.

    I never thought I’d be alive to see a new religion form as I figured there is no way humans would ever let that happen now with the technology/access to information the world has with the ability to disprove things yet boom, there it is. On one hand I am surprised yet on the other I am really not since this is simply how humanity has and always will be because at the core, humanity simply doesn’t change.

    The key has been them trying to say this is based on science as it is doubtful people would have believed it had they gone the usual religion route of just telling people to have faith and trust what they are saying is true. The newspaper clippings Tony has shown indicate this crap has been going on since at least the late 19th century yet I am thinking many didn’t believe it then without the “science” part (apparently stuff can only be believed based on faith if it is 1300+ years ago) so they had to go throw that on to try and give it credibility…and like other main religions, it was simply a movement early on but having government/rulers and people of power/influence finally get involved really kicked the religion into gear.

    Another thing in common with all other religions (including religion of the Roman empire before Constantine converted them to Christianity) is they all at one point had people in power who tried to force people to convert and persecuted those who didn’t, just like now where we have these clowns trying to say us evil heretic climate change deniers should be thrown in jail or even killed.

  4. Squidly says:

    URGENT !!!

    Tony, I posted comment on your “help, need work” … please please contact me immediately !!

    Send me an email ASAP !! .. Squid at … I can get your resume in to my manager and director right away tomorrow morning! … We are looking for your specific type of credentials on our team. We are a large multi-national energy equipment manufacturer in need of people like you on our Gateways & Energy Servers team. You would be a perfect fit! ..

    It is imperative that you send me an email as soon as you can!

    Jeff (squid at

  5. Texas Sharp-shooter says:

    Go Jeff! Although I would hire Tony if I could I suspect doing so might put one in mind of Aubrey’s response to Maturin’s suggestion that he would name a tortoise after him. Aubrey responded, no, he thought a shrub would be more appropriate, “Something prickly, and difficult to eradicate.”

    • Squidly says:

      I don’t believe our company gives a rat’s rump what Tony does on his own time. We hire talent within the disciplines necessary to develop and maintain our products. My company is very good at hiring outstanding talent. Hopefully things will work out and we can get Tony working again quickly.

  6. David A says:

    Tony or anyone, Dave Middleton makes thus claim which I do not see here in charts showing the difference between troposphere and surface data sets?

    Any help appreciated.

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