Hillary And Her Sexual Predators

Hillary’s closest associates are sexual predators, but that isn’t newsworthy. However, Trump saying “pussy” was all the press could talk about for a month.

CNN didn’t find this to be newsworthy.

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45 Responses to Hillary And Her Sexual Predators

  1. RAH says:

    There are only three good things about Hilary.
    1. She lost
    2. She is getting too old
    3. If, despite her age she runs again she will lose.

  2. TimA says:

    Nice pick up Tony….I’m sure those three are the tip of the iceberg among demoncrats….they just managed to get caught!

  3. AndyG55 says:

    Like attracts like. !

  4. Latitude says:

    ..and they keep trotting on like nothing happened

  5. Rob says:

    And killary is also a rape/sexual assault enabler and a victim shamer. Apparently a woman who does that is a role model to other women. She’s also insulted women by claiming those that voted for the president only did so because they are slaves to their men.

    Amusing despite the above that there are all these women who support her. I can understand the appeal to women of having a female president yet jeez, support one that actually deserves it.

    • richard verney says:

      There is a tape recording where she bragged how clever she was as a lawyer getting an accused rapist off. This tape recording surfaced at around the same time as the trump recording, but it never got much traction (not surprising given that 29 out of the 29 MSM donated money to the Clinton campaign). I recall listening to it, but I am not sure as to its source and veracity.

      Hillary recounted the story. Some old guy was charged with raping a kid (12 to 14 years). The assault was so bad that the young girl was in hospital for a week, or so. Hillary managed to get all the physical evidence chucked out (his semen was on the girls knickers) and when the young girl was put on the witness stand, Hillary bullied her so intensely that the young girl’s evidence fell apart, and the guy got off.

      If that tape is true, it really shows what a vile person HRC really is. How any woman, who believes in the sisterhood, could take on the defence of such an accused baffles me. I, for one, am not impressed by some middle age woman bullying a young traumatised victim to such extent that she collapses in the witness box. As, I say a truly awful vile person. The US really dodged a bullet with that one.

  6. She’s leering at Christina’s boobs? That’s deplorable!

    Actually, I don’t blame her, but it’s still deplorable.

  7. Bob G. says:

    The Commycrats can get away with this double standard because most of their voters are uninformed and plain ignorant. And it’s worse than any of you think. Last night I was visiting with two of my part time employees. One is a 40 year old black woman who I find to be bright. She was “educated” in Chicago but has lived in Minnesota for the past 20 years. The other is a 35 white woman who is of average intelligence. I asked them who freed the slaves. The answer I was looking for was President Lincoln. I got a half dozen guesses from them and only one of the guesses was of somebody who lived in the 1800’s. The ignorance of these two gals is stunning. Thankfully only one of them voted for Hillary, (the white gal never votes). I asked the black gal why she voted for Hillary. Her answers was “Trump is a racist”. There you have it. The Democrats lie, cheat and steal because most of their voters are too stupid to catch on.

    • Bob G. says:

      Let me add a quote by the very sharp black economist Walter E. Williams.

      “Then there’s education. Many black 12th-graders deal with scientific problems at the level of whites in the sixth grade. They write and do math about as well as white seventh- and eighth-graders. All of this means that an employer hiring or a college admitting the typical black high school graduate is in effect hiring or admitting an eighth-grader. Thus, one should not be surprised by the outcomes”.
      Walter E. Williams

      Roughly 90% of blacks vote Democrat. According to Walter E. Williams, that is a group of people who on average have an 8th grade education.

    • Mark Fife says:

      Stupidity isn’t a featured owned by any group exclusively. The correct term I think should be ignorant. Inflicted ignorance, willful ignorance, or a combination of both. A great deal of ignorance is inflicted. Inflicted by the state, by the media, by peers or group, by parents, and by self. Willful ignorance is turning a blind eye to the truth. It is hard to impossible to reach people who choose to be ignorant or are willfully ignorant.

      • Bob G says:

        I disagree. I think ignorance is the hallmark of most Democrat voters. Reagan said it better, in that famous quote about what Liberals think they know.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Calling someone stupid is just a shortcut for many of us.

        I never disparage anyone I know is truly disadvantaged by being born with lesser abilities. I did nothing to get the brain I was given and neither did anyone else.

        However, there is a special kind of stupidity typical for leftists. It is their ability to believe complete bullshit while feeling intellectually superior to everyone else. Their prideful, hateful ignorance is the opposite of wisdom.

        • Mark Fife says:

          There is the old adage. Ignorance can be cured, but stupid is forever. Which might be a good test to differentiate between the two.

          When you talk about that aspect of liberal thought and discourse I believe you are looking at the product of conditioning and confirmation bias. The conditioning is mostly media driven but it is also driven by politicians, allied action groups, and allied academic groups. The end goal is to create a them or they to vilify because they are bad and we must oppose them. Naturally the we or us is good. Kind of like a conservation of evil law. Moving all the evil over there makes over here good.

          The confirmation bias is simply that “I am special / good / a crusader against evil.

          Whether by accident or by design the left has succeeded in tying their many causes to emotional responses rooted in people’s sense of self based upon the image of some kind of crusader against evil in what ever cause rocks their boat. The fact that the elite left really doesn’t give a flying monkey crap about the cause, any cause really, so much as fanning the flames of hate. So long as the hate targets the right enemy.

  8. toorightmate says:

    Gee, she really is having a bad time AND deservedly so.

  9. Rah says:

    Now you guys won’t have the Weiner around to Weiner. Hopefully the prison he goes to is no country club. Then Bubba will be literally weinering the Weiner and someone else will be weinering Huma.

  10. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Just think, if Hillary had become President, all those guys in the pictures would have gotten cabinet posts, assuming they paid her enough.

    Where is the 6 billion dollars that disappeared from the State Department when Hillary was in charge? No mention of any missing money when other people held the position.

  11. Gary Seymour says:

    Just think, if Donald got elected, what a mess. And, yes what a mess. You guys think that if the Donald got elected that he would be presidential? Are you kidding? He is the epitome of child-like behavior. He treats other world leaders like his enemies. He treats the American press like they are his enemies. He is the antithesis of American plurality. He is the antithesis of the American melting pot. He is an old white guy paranoid about his future. Good luck, my friends, your hero is a prick.

    • AndyG55 says:

      You poor little far-left trollette.

      And all can come up with is yet another SJW, triggered, dope-fuelled rant.

      Your whole anti-human, anti-life, ANTI-AMERICA agenda crashing down around you.

      Try not to collapse in a fit of foaming apoplexy !! :-)

      That would be tooo funny for words..

    • gator69 says:

      Who here considers Trump their hero? What type of dope would ever consider any contemporary politician (which he is now) a hero?

      Oh that’s right, a leftist dope, a statist moron.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Heh. I know I should refresh the screen before finishing a comment.

        • David A says:

          The fake news media is his enemy and an enemy to the people. Your ” old white guy” reference reveals your sick bigotry. Trump is not yet my hero. However the evidence is he took this job to save our nation from statist like your self, from the massive corruption that has permeated every part of the 4 trillion dollar federal government. This is a monumental task when literally 10s of thousands of highly paid unelected bureaucrats are working against the removal of corruption, fighting tooth and nail to propagate the global warming scam, fighting to keep blacks poor and angry, fighting to make whites ashamed of being white, males ashamed of being male, etc…
          So I see Trump as a honest man who has flaws ( BTW he sincerely apologised for the sexual comment and many of the claims of it being more then male bravado were refuted) and who had many strong attributes, a love for this country, an indomitable will, a strong family with children that love him and say he was and is a devoted father, a great understanding of large organizational challenges and great courage. I also think he occasionally responds like a typical New Yorker, by this I mean he punches back rudely at times. At times this is an attribute.

          • Colorado Wellington says:


            Also, watch your wallet and your back when a leftist calls you “my friends”. Actually, do that when he says anything.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Gary! Even if everything you said about Trump were true, there is one overwhelming fact that makes him a better candidate than Hillary. Trump was not a demonstrated genocidal murderer. Hillary (“We came, we saw, he died! Ha ha ha ha!”) was perhaps the biggest motivating force to kick off the war in Libya. She has certainly claimed credit for helping start it. She is a genocidal instigator of aggressive warfare and has the blood of tens of thousands of innocent people on her hands — and that’s just Libya. Her role in war in Ukraine is not better.

      Say what you will about Trump, at least when the choice was between Trump and a murderer of women and children, I chose Trump. Perhaps you chose the murderer.

  12. Colorado Wellington says:

    “your hero”

    Seymour thinks like a typical Leftist, looking for the next Bonaparte. He can’t imagine that one can support a President without looking up to him.

    But then again, if Trump keeps driving lefty loons loonier …
    Ceterum autem censeo Hillary MMXX, MMXXIV, MMXXVIII, MMXXXII …

    • John F. Hultquist says:

      Trump produces a continual froth (bubbles on the top) that “ keeps driving lefty loons loonier” while hidden in plain sight are decisions that change serious issues.
      It seems he now has an ex-wife and the current wife (“the First Lady”) adding to the froth.
      Take him seriously, but not literally.
      Don’t interrupt the MSM when they are making fools of themselves.

  13. Rah says:

    And now come the oh so predictable cries from the swamp that Bannon’s campaign could cost the Republicans their majority in the Senate. It won’t work this time because Trump supporters realize the swamp must be drained.

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