New Video : NOAA Record Warmth With No Thermometer Data

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4 Responses to New Video : NOAA Record Warmth With No Thermometer Data

  1. AZ1971 says:

    It’s almost as though NOAA refuses to admit there are regions on the planet that are colder than normal, as even “record coldest” is upgraded to “cooler than normal” or “near average”, and “near normal” are upgraded to “warmer than normal”. It’s bizarre, and unjustifiable.

    • Unjustifiable, but routine. Throughout the 1980s and 90s the election return reporting on Texas teevee left out votes gotten by libertarian party candidates. Even libertarian vote counts as high as 20% were treated like rounding errors to overlook or differences to split between “both” looter parties. You’ll get used to it.

      • AZ1971 says:

        “Getting used to it” is capitulation. The only sane and obvious solution is to fight these false gods and their message.

        See King Leonidas, Thermopylae, 480 BC for how to stand up for freedom.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Looks like even the good old USA that they have taken out the below normal temperatures in the Southeast. Their cheating knows no bounds!

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