Rapid Climate Change In Boulder

Boulder yesterday – 80 degrees.

Boulder today

The Kestrel

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6 Responses to Rapid Climate Change In Boulder

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    This is it. Even concerned citizen climatologists in Boulder can see that Thursday afternoon’s climate is completely outside the bounds of natural variations climate scientists observed about Wednesday’s climate. I hope the Daily Camera will tell us when NOAA scientists publish their papers on the anthropogenic nature of the unprecedented phenomena.

    • Phil Jones says:

      Millions must be dying or stuck in food deserts due to rapid C!image Change in Boulder.. I’m 97% certain..

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I can erase the 3% uncertainty right away. The crisis is real.

        Boulder suffered catastrophic shortages in the past, like this one of organic milk. The People’s Republic has been doom and gloom since November 2016 and after the last panic organic salt can’t be found in licensed retail stores. The citizens are at the mercy of black market profiteers and rely on illegal sales in dispensaries. I’ve heard that vigilante vegan groups are threatening to lynch hoarders.

        It’s not a pretty sight.

  2. RAH says:

    Changes always come faster in the mountains. That is part of what makes backpacking in them a challenge. Even out east at Mt. Washington, which is a baby compared to the peaks out west, I had to move quickly down the mountain when the temperature dropped radically and it started snowing at the summit one fine warm spring day. Nothing unusual about it at all. It’s what weather does at higher elevations. One packs for the recorded extremes and by doing so is ready for everything in between.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      The old saw “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” is very popular around here, especially with newcomers to the state after their first year. I’ve heard it in many other places, including the Midwest, New England and Florida, but in Colorado the drop of temperature, onset of a blizzard or gale-force winds can be very dramatic, stunning even those who experienced sudden weather changes elsewhere in the country before. It happens in the plains where most people live but up from the foothills and beyond it’s even more dramatic, just like in the mountains everywhere.

      • RAH says:

        Every spring we pack away our winter clothing. Some goes into plastic storage tubs and I put it up in the attic and some gets hung in the closet of the spare bedroom. This morning I brought down the tubs of winter clothing. Two for mine and three for my lady. As I write this she is doing the transfer, putting summer stuff away and replacing it with the winter stuff. Then I will take those same tubs, now containing summer stuff, up to the attic. It is bi-annual ritual that we intend to change by doing some remodeling so we minimize the amount of stuff we haul up and down every year.

        The big job though, other than the remodeling, will be sorting the accumulated BS in the attic. Bunches of stuff from the kids and grandkids is going away one way or another. If they don’t want it, it goes to Goodwill. If Goodwill doesn’t want it I will burn it or trash it. Amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over time that isn’t ours, but that comes to an end come next spring. Time to declutter and simplify. We’re not getting any younger.

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