Uncontrollable Increases In Stupidity

From the Sunday Telegraph. The good doctor forecasts no change in temperature until 2030, uncontrollable temperature increases after 2030, and says that HadCrut4 has “stabilised.”

The “stable” HadCRUT4 has declined 0.4C over the last two years, and the idea that temperatures will suddenly start increasing uncontrollably in 12 years is the thought process of a religious nutcase, not a scientist.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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4 Responses to Uncontrollable Increases In Stupidity

  1. dc42 says:

    The doctor was also wrong about the primary cause of the hospitalization of Joe Root, England’s cricket captain.

    “England confirmed the captain had picked up a viral gastroenteritis bug, moving to quash earlier suggestions his illness was related to the 42C temperatures the players sweltered through on Sunday.”


  2. Rodney Wayman says:

    I knew you’d bring your arguments to bear, Tony. Thank you. I see it has also been taken up by Not A Lot Of People Know That an that Paul Homewood there has written to The Sunday Telegraph already so I will wait to see if his response is published this coming weekend.

  3. CO2isLife says:

    This is the greatest example of stupidity, not the Telegraph but the Guardian.

    No Joke. During Record Cold Spell, The Guardian Warns of Global Warming
    This isn’t a joke. On 01/01/2018, during a record cold spell, the Guardian is running an article about Edward Teller warning the Oil Industry about Global Warming. Yes, “Global Warming,” not “Climate Change.” Clearly, the evidence since 1959, and the complete and absolute failure of the IPCC to model this theory mean nothing to them. Why … Continue reading

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