Virginia Having Their Coldest January On Record

Virginia January temperatures have been declining for a century, with 2018 blowing away all records for cold. The average maximum temperature at Lincoln, Virginia has been 21 degrees, which is 22 degrees below normal.

CNN and NOAA predicted a warm winter for the Eastern US.

Winter 2017-2018: NOAA forecasts warmer winter – CNN

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9 Responses to Virginia Having Their Coldest January On Record

  1. feathers says:

    We got down to -1 F at Dulles over the weekend. Normal for early Jan is about 21F. Its warming up to the 50’s today and low 60’s tomorrow, then we’re back to well below normal for the next 7-10 days. January may run 10 degrees colder than average once its all tallied up. However, not much snow here in Loudoun Co. thus far which is consistent with winters past. Cold = sunny and dry, its those winters when Washington hovers around the 32F mark when we see our massive snow events.

  2. Rah says:

    NOAA completely blew their winter out look. But don’t worry “the science is settled”. Their climate projections for 20 years or more down the road will be proven to be far more accurate than their medium to long range weather forecasts.

  3. Ernest Bush says:

    That chart behind the meteorologist is actually milder than the NCEP model runs last October. Joe Bastardi’s forecast fo the winter at that time was pretty much what happened. The NCEP models did not correctly forecast the bitter cold and snow events until several days before their occurrences. Bastardi looks for patterns similar to those in the past.

  4. Squidly says:

    Here in the south (Nashville), they missed the mark by a freaking MILE! .. They said “mild to warm winter”, we just concluded one of the coldest stretches we have ever had, since I have been here (12 years). Nice and warm today, but back into the freezer starting this weekend. Completely opposite of what they forecast!

  5. Cam says:

    Don’t worry, NOAAs about to spend a ton of money on a new super computer to let them predict the weather a whole 16 days in advance.

    • Mark Luhman says:

      No amount of computer power will allow them to predict the weather sixteen day in advance. It simple not possible, to bad the idiot that fund them don’t know this. If NOAA believes this the are just educated idiots, if they do not believe this and yet had the computer funded using this excuse, they are fraudsters. At best no matter how powerful the computer is anything out more than for hours is only a guess, anything less than four hours is an educated guess, somewhat doable.

  6. Weather is not climate unless it’s warm……or rainy or drought or hurricane or tornado or earthquake or solar flare. That’s global warming.

    Oh wait, cold is global warming too.

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