Lights Are On, But Nobody Is Home

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  1. Lance says:

    You or I, can’t fix stupid. But Nature can, and will.
    Wait a small bit. The NE Corridor Grid will fail, the pipelines will be inadequate, etc.
    Everything has limits, except stupidity.
    Nature is unforgiving. Stupidity is rewarded by death since year Zero.

    • R. Shearer says:

      A Bernie free future is just around the horizon.

    • Freddy Boom-Boom says:

      I read an article a couple weeks back citing a report that during the Dec/Jan cold spell a month ago, that of all the energy used by VT folk at that time, 7% came from renewables. When I read things about this clownish behavior of state officials suing “Big Oil” or the like, I usually wonder how much more the citizens of those state will be forced to pay for electricity and heat, in order for these companies to cover the legal fees they incur from having to even just respond to this garbage. And at what point will these companies comply and give them what they want – no energy!

      • arn says:

        in the end It does even not matter how much ‘more’ people
        are forced or willing to pay because there won’t be enough energy for all,
        and as soon as something does not exist(because only 7% of the needed exist),all the money in the world can not buy it-
        therefore people will simply freeze to deat

  2. AndyG55 says:

    Bernie must live on a diet of ice-cream

    A permanent BRAIN-FREEZE. !!

    • Robertv says:

      “The short-term profits of the fossil fuel industry are not more important than the future of our planet.”

      A very dangerous way of thinking. Notice that he doesn’t use the word humans but instead ‘fossil fuel industry’ and ‘planet’. So his words are an attack on the western world . He wouldn’t care if you and millions of others would freeze to death as long he is in power. People like Sanders have no friends.
      Never understood how it is possible that those who vote people like Sanders in office don’t understand that they would become their first victims. There is NO free lunch.

      • Robertv says:

        Of course without people like that “Jonestown” would not be possible . Bernie Sanders wants a Jonestown but MUCH BIGGER.

      • Sharpshooter says:

        “Notice that he doesn’t use the word humans but instead ‘fossil fuel industry’ and ‘planet’. So his words are an attack on the western world .”

        Notice he doesn’t use human beings.

        Another humanitarian with a guillotine.

        They elected him, let them freeze in the dark.

  3. Andy DC says:

    The January thaw is over and the Siberian Express is now firmly back in place. After the first 10 days of February, many people in the US will be praying for global warming.

  4. Bleakhouses says:

    They would have either long since cut down all the wood in the Green Mountains (White Mountains too, in fact maybe they would have gone to war with their NH neighbors who would have won) or moved away. Burlington would be Haiti on the Champlain.

  5. Kris Johanson says:

    Fossil-free future? Okay, so….
    1. no cars… even an electric car is full of oil-derived components
    2. no clothing… more & more clothing is oil-derived
    3. no meds… same as above
    4. no building materials… same as above
    5. no plastics, coatings, polymers
    You get the idea…

  6. RAH says:

    “You can’t get there from here” That is what we were told, in a thick Vermont accent, when we asked a Vermont farmer about the best way to get to a given location.

    • neal s says:

      Sometimes when being asked how to get somewhere you might get the equally non-informative “If I were you, I’d start from somewhere else” ….

  7. TA says:

    What do you expect from a guy who would spend his honeymoon in Russia? Bernie is not like ordinary Americans.

  8. Misanthropic Marc says:

    The idiots in New York state have repeatedly blocked two pipeline projects that would convey Penn. shale natural gas to New England. The power companies have warned that, next winter, they will not be able to meet BOTH the demand for electricity AND natural gas for heat. They will have to implement rolling blackouts, in order to maintain electrical service and provide sufficient natural gas.

    So, Tony is spot-on (as always) and the liberal retards will drive themselves right into the freezing dark of winter!

    Unbelievable…. you can’t make this stuff up.

  9. Frank K. says:

    But Bernie likes fossil fuels when it suits his political needs…

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    In a rare weekend session, the Senate is scheduled to vote Saturday on whether to proceed to a bill by Senator Bernie Sanders to strengthen a program that helps thousands of senior citizens on fixed incomes pay soaring home energy bills. With skyrocketing fuel prices and a battered economy, this historically successful program, which also helps the disabled and working families, is falling far short of meeting current needs. The funding should be doubled so no one in our country freezes to death in the winter or dies from heat exhaustion. The threat is no exaggeration. “Historically, from 1979 to 2003, excessive heat exposure caused 8,015 deaths in the United States. During this period, more people in this country died from extreme heat than from hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes combined,” according to the Centers for Disease Control. “During 1979 to 2002, a total of 16,555 deaths in the United States, an average of 689 per year…were attributed to exposure to excessive natural cold.”

    Saturday’s Senate vote is on whether to end a filibuster and begin formal consideration of the bill. It takes 60 votes. There are 53 Senate cosponsors including Senator Patrick Leahy. Congressman Peter Welch introduced a companion measure in the House.

  10. AndyG55 says:

    OT, UAH January 2018.. drop to +.26C

    makes Jan 2018 the 10th warmest January in the UAH data.

    for the tropics, January 2018 is the =20th warmest January (out of 40)

    SH: Jan 2018 is in 17th place

    NH: the Arctic warm from the El Nino is still yet to fully subside. January 2018 is in 5th place.

  11. Bernie’s over-heated brain could be used as an electrical energy source for Vermont.

  12. CO2isLife says:

    “The Lights are on, but nobody’s home in Bernie’s Brain.” Tony, you are the best. Love your site.

  13. AndyG55 says:

    “The Lights are on,”

    Well actually, if you do look at his eyes, there really isn’t much light in there at all. !!

    A bottomless oozing void.

  14. David M. says:

    Sure cure for wind & solar zealotry: Require wind & solar advocates to exist for 2 years solely on wind and solar electricity generated within a few hundred miles of their domiciles. Two years of
    1) Spending evenings, nights and early mornings in the dark w/o internet, TV, radio, a/c or heating
    2) Eating cold dinners & breakfasts
    3) Poor refrigeration
    4) Too little $ for groceries, shelter, discretionary purchases
    will bring them to their senses. Or, Darwinism will take its toll.

    For the sake of clarity, wind & solar zealots should be required to rely totally on wind & solar AND they should be required to pay all costs associated with wind & solar. The converse of Say’s Law is: If you demand the supply, you should consume it.

  15. Howard Dewhirst says:

    These comments are all – to the point, but somehow make no difference?
    How or what do we do, to change the dominant BS paradigm?
    Agreeing with each other is not enough?

  16. Gamecock says:

    “Sometimes we want what we want even if we know it’s going to kill us.”
    ― Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

  17. Lone Gunman says:

    So what would you expect from a guy who spent the first 40 years of his life without a full time job? Who also lived in his parent’s basement for 20+ of those years??

    This is the guy who also shot down universal health care in Vermont because he said it would bankrupt the state?? And now he doesn’t think it will bankrupt the USA??

    I would go on but I’m sure you get the picture by now!!

    The words f…ing M0R0N come to mind here!

  18. n95 masks says:

    I’m unsure about the listicles.. maybe somewhat overdone.

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