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Another Icon Of Global Warming Drowns

We have been told for decades that Tuvalu is drowning due to CO2 emissions, and that anyone who doesn’t go along with the global warming scam is a hateful racist. Pacific Island Nations Struggle with Global Warming – SPIEGEL ONLINE … Continue reading

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Understanding Democrats Criticism Of Consensual Sex

Democrats are outraged by the fact that in his late sixties Donald Trump had consensual sex with a young attractive blonde.  This is a bit of a change from their normal “love is love” mantra, and quite different from what … Continue reading

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Climate Fraud Advancing At An Eye Opening Pace

Last March, the early Spring was an “eye-opening tangible sign of global warming.” Spring advancing at an ‘eye-opening’ pace in tangible sign of global warming | The Independent This year, the late Spring is also due to global warming. UK … Continue reading

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Scientific Integrity On The Decline In Climate Science

Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central claims that emissions from your SUV are causing a decline in North American snow cover, due to winter precipitation falling as rain instead of snow. Snow Cover on the Decline in North America | Climate Central … Continue reading

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Mohonked By The New York Times

The New York Times ran this story ten years ago, using pristine data from Mohonk, NY to prove that the world was heating out of control. Weather History Recorded at Mohonk House Offers Insight Into Global Warming – The New … Continue reading

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Don’t Pour Salt On Climate Scientists!

Pouring salt on slugs can be fatal. The difference being that slugs actually have functional brains.

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Shocking Revelations That Donald Trump Is Heterosexual

The mainstream media is set to shock the world tonight with revelations that Donald Trump likes women. The journalist should get a Pulitzer Prize for coming up with that.

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Time To End Global Warming Denial

How could anyone not understand that Earth is overheating?

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Pennsylvania March Temperatures Declining

It has been ridiculously cold in Philadelphia this month, with afternoon temperatures among the coldest on record. I’m looking out the window watching snow falling. Nighttime March temperatures have been declining in Pennsylvania since the 19th century. And the likelihood … Continue reading

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Global Warming Scam Continues To Unravel

After spending 30 years lying about sea level rise and “entire nations drowned” – reality is starting to set in. Pacific islands are growing, not sinking. “Islands in Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Federated States of Micronesia are among those which … Continue reading

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