1951 : MIT Scientist Predicted Global Cooling Based On Sunspots

In 1951, MIT professor Hurd C. Willett predicted 20 years of global cooling, based on sunspot cycles.

07 May 1951, Page 9 – The Pantagraph at Newspapers.com

The cooling occurred exactly as he predicted. Scientists blamed all bad weather on global cooling, and other scientists discovered a relationship between sunspots and winter storms. Dr. Walter Orr Roberts at NCAR said their discovery was “of overwhelming importance.”

21 Jul 1974, 13 – The Des Moines Register at Newspapers.com

The cooling has since been erased by NASA, as has Walter Orr Roberts legacy as a solar physicist. NCAR now describes him as an early climate change advocate.

NASA has erased the post-1940’s global cooling.

graph.png (1130×600)

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