Climate Clown Show

Check this clown out. He says the 1958 New York Times article predicting an ice free Arctic was correct.

Twelve years after the New York Times predicted an ice-free Arctic, they were predicting a new ice age. Ice-free Arctic, ice age – all the same for the fake news press.

U.S. and Soviet Press Studies of a Colder Arctic – The New York Times

Two years ago,  2016 warmth was definitely climate – but now that temperatures have gone south, 2016 was just weather.

You really can’t make these ridiculous belief systems or confused thought processes up. People like E Spenser actually exist.

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34 Responses to Climate Clown Show

    • terak says:

      Explain “somehow” please.

      • AndyG55 says:

        You do know that Greenland ice is only just a small amount down from its largest area in 10,000 years.

        (or are you sticking with you wanton ignorance ?)

        Only time its been higher was during the freezing cold LIA anomaly.

        • terak says:

          What is causing Greenland ice sheet to lose mass that rapidly after centuries of much slower changes? It cannot be the Sun as denialists have been claiming cooling since 1998 due to dimming Sun.

          And why is it that denialists can globally only produce a handful of (mostly crappy) research papers per year?

          • Gator says:

            Ms Terak, you sure yap a lot, without producing anything of value. And your “assessment” of the work of scientists is of zero value to anyone alive today.

            Maybe your time would be better spent on a website dedicated to shiny objects.

            Unless of course you can start providing hard evidence for your wild childlike claims.

          • AndyG55 says:

            “What is causing Greenland ice sheet to lose mass that rapidly after centuries of much slower changes?”

            Its NOT loosing ice rapidly. Its been gaining it the last few years, it was loosing tiny amounts as it tried to RECOVER from the Very COLD ANOMALY of the LIA.

            And you really don’t comprehend that graph above, do you.

            Do you really still DENY that the LIA was ANOMALOUSLY COLD ?????

            Are you really that much of a CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER !!!

            Facts CANNOT be allowed passed your brain-hosed ignorance, can they.

          • Justa Joe says:

            Is “global warming” somehow limited to Greenland? Where I live NOTHING has appreciably changed in my lifetime.

      • AndyG55 says:

        And just to put things in perspective, here is a graph of Greenland Total Ice Mass since 1900.

      • I will use it in a sentence: “Somehow” there is a lot of false information and data manipulation occurring among climate scientists with a political agenda.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Ms Terak, try to make an intelligent contribution, somehow.

        • terak says:

          ‘Since when glaciologists are “climate scientist”? The y are Earth Scientists though. Are all Earth Scientists in the massive conspiracy against creationism, gods and flat earth truth? :D

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            Doubling down on stupid?

          • arn says:

            Well Miss Terak

            we both know that there is neither massive ice loss in the arctic nor in greenland.
            Time will prove it times and time again
            and in a few years(just as with the Mahattan under water//ice bear population decrease//
            sea level rise))
            it will be obvious that everything is normal
            and that all this “scientitic” talk was a lie-
            and you will ignore this fact (of course without learning a thing)
            and move on to just the next modern apocalyptic scenario(which was created by using the same trick=watch out for anomalies
            that fit your agenda(and ignore the anomalies that don’t fit your agenda the fact that these
            anomalie are absolutely common)

          • Louis Hooffstetter says:

            “Are all Earth Scientists in the massive conspiracy against creationism, gods and flat earth truth? ”

            Most Earth Scientists are against creationism, gods and flat earth nonsense. But it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just science and logic.

    • neal s says:

      Over the past 8 years at least, sea level has been dropping.

      If greenlands ice sheet really were melting at the fastest rate in centuries, then there is no way that sea level would have fallen over last 8 years or so. It doesn’t matter what the researchers say they have concluded. They are clearly mistaken if not outright lying.

      I am also confident that as long as the ‘measured’ sea temperatures are subject to the not so tender mercies of ‘true CAGW’ believers, that they will be able to make false claims of continually rising sea temperatures.

      • terak says:

        Only satellite altimetry gives nearly global picture of sea-level rise. That’s why denialists hate altimetry. Recently altimetry has detected an acceleration of sea-level rise in the altimetry-era.

        • AndyG55 says:

          “Only satellite altimetry gives nearly global picture of sea-level rise. ”

          Wrong again… you are making a habit of that

          Satellites have a quite large error margin, how could they not, and they HAVE NOT shown any acceleration.

          You are just plain out LYING this time.

        • AndyG55 says:

          And another

        • arn says:

          Only reality gives a nearly global picture=trust your eyes.
          If there was any significant sea level rise((just 10% of what Hansen predicted 30years ago))
          several hundreds maybe even thousands of is islands would have been buried by sea level rise.
          Many beaches would have disappeared
          and the shape of all continents would have changed significantly and man made buildings in the sea and harbours would have been flooded.
          (especially harbours would have been already rebuild as the industrial military complex would never risk to stop making war because of sea level rise)

          But reality is that we have ancient cities in india and japan that have been buried by water thousands of years ago-and such things would have happened again but they don’t happen.

        • Justa Joe says:

          When the sea level rises you won’t need a satellite to let you know. It will be fairly obvious.

  1. Anon says:

    It is actually very simple: the Warming Ho they discovered early this year is freezing every thing she touches. They did not know about the Warming Ho before and how she works… now they does.

  2. The ol' Sea dog says:

    Change of climate causing ice to disappear and the N.W. Passage to be free for shipping was first predicted 200 years 3 months and 18 days ago….

    • Griff says:

      That would be around 1817… when a set of unique conditions applied due to the recent volcanic eruption of Mt Tambora…

      • AndyG55 says:

        Still waiting for that paper with empirical proof of warming from human CO2

        You really are a slimy evasive little worm, aren’t you.

        Yes, Arctic was MUCH more open before the LONG COLD ANOMALY of the LIA.

        Stop DENYING CLIMATE CHANGE, griff.

      • AndyG55 says:

        What the temp in the UK at the moment, griff.

        Got your fossil fuel sourced heating going to keep you warm ??

  3. Gator says:

    Reference please you genocidal nutcase.

  4. I honor the reasoning in this post, although I would like to see further insight from you soon.

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