Climate Superstition Works!

I was at a party in Los Alamos (where one person out of every four has a PhD) last night, and several people started conversations about climate with me. None of them knew that I was interested in climate, and I just listened and didn’t argue with them.

One popular theory was that Los Alamos had a very dry summer and it was due to climate change. So I checked the official Los Alamos National Labs records and found that they had 39 rainy days this summer and received 6.44 inches of rain.

Raw Data

Another old friend who now lives in Massachusetts and is married to a nuclear physicist, was discussing the record cold New Years they had in the East. She saw that as proof of climate change.

Climate superstition is strong among the most educated people in the world. Because they tend to rely heavily on propaganda sources like the New York Times and NPR for their misinformation.

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