Democracy Dies In Stupidity And Superstition

The Washington Post and climate scientists forecasting Category 6 hurricanes. They say the rapid intensification of Florence is evidence of this.

Category 6? Climate change may cause more hurricanes to rapidly intensify. – The Washington Post

This is the exact same forecast which climate scientists made in December, 1988, the year NASA’s James Hansen officially launched the global warming scam before Congress.

Ellensburg Daily Record – Google News Archive Search

Had the scientists in 1988 actually done any research, they would have known that Hurricane Gilbert (which was hitting the Yucatan thirty years ago today) had 220 MPH wind gusts. Meteorologists were “caught off guard” by how rapidly the storm intensified in only one day to 175 MPH winds.

14 Sep 1988, Page 1 – South Florida Sun Sentinel at

15 Sep 1988, Page 1 – Daily World at

By contrast, Florence is forecast to stall and wind speeds slow down considerably before making landfall.

Weather Street: Tropical Storm Florence, Hurricane Florence 2018

The US hasn’t been hit by a category five hurricane since Andrew in 1992, yet climate scientists are forecasting category six. The most intense US hurricane occurred in 1935, and the deadliest US hurricane occurred in 1900. The deadliest Atlantic hurricane occurred during the Revolutionary War in 1780, when George Washington was fighting for Democracy.  Now the paper named after him is fighting to kill democracy – with their superstition, censorship and non-stop barrage of propaganda and lies.

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30 Responses to Democracy Dies In Stupidity And Superstition

  1. Gator says:

    Climate change may cause Bigfoot to go extinct. Or has it already…

  2. MGJ says:

    I fear that there will be many people who suffer crushing disappointment if Florence DOESN’T create a large death toll. What is mere human life to them if their absurd beliefs can be given further fuel?

    • Gator says:

      Don’t worry, a “study” will inflate the death toll, just as they did with Katrina and more recently with Maria. Leftists would have no history, if it were not for revisions.

  3. MrGrimNasty says:

    We had the smoking gun in the wikileaks with Obama administration cohorts arranging to set up a dodgy climate attribution system to further their political goals regardless of the actual facts.

    The fruition of that plan is exactly what we are seeing flood the MSM this year.

  4. Steven Parker says:

    Perhaps someone can breakdown the physics of the energy flows that would be required to support a Cat6 hurricane? My instincts tell me that this is projecting exponential increases in energy based on incremental increases in ocean heat content. But I’m not a physicist or a meteorologist so what do I know.

    • Phil. says:

      The force exerted by the wind is proportional to the wind speed squared. The wind speed increases by 20% in the Cat 4 range so the force increases by ~40%. If you wanted create a Cat 6 on that basis the break point would be ~189mph. The wind force of such a storm would be about double that of a marginal Cat 4. Practically though if the storm gets up to the top of Cat 5 there won’t be much left to damage!

    • R Shearer says:

      It’s unfortunate that we don’t have data on hurricanes from earlier warm periods when the climate was hotter than today.

    • Gator says:

      The potential for a Category 6 storms seems obvious. Hurricane Irma’s 185 mph winds are much higher than a Category 5’s lower bound, after all. It’s a moot point however, because the Saffir-Simpson scale is not designed to arbitrarily classify storms into tiers based on wind speed or some sort of abstract power level. The Saffir-Simpson scale is designed to reflect the damage a given storm will cause to buildings and other man-made structures in its path. Category 5 is widespread, catastrophic damage. There’s not really anything worse than that.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        “There’s not really anything worse than that.”

        I beg to differ. Category 6 is a hurricane that is legally, ethically, spiritually and physically absolutely worse than a Category 5 hurricane. How can you deny it?

        Deader Than Dead

        “We’ve got to verify it legally to see if she is morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably, and reliably dead.”

        — The Munchkins, The Wizard of Oz

  5. arn says:

    There won’t be just category 6 hurricanes but also many category 7 .

    They will be created the same way as global warming was created.
    By starting to call usual anomalies as never-seen-before-apocalyptic- happenings.
    They will just redefine the parameters and call what used to be called a category 4 hurricane now a category 6 hurricane(with an extra impact of co2).

    +the extreme hurricane hiatus has made people forget how much damage a off-the-mill-hurricane can cause,
    therefore the same cat3 hurricane that caused the same damage as one 20 years ago will have a much stronger impact on peoples minds,especially
    the way the hurricane and the damage will be sold by the MSM.

    There are tons of people right now living by the sea
    who are afraid of sea level rise and will swear to hot that the sea level has risen enourmously in the last 15 years,while in fact nothing has changed.

    • Josh says:

      Check property prices of areas next to the sea to find your answer on the fear of sea level rise.

    • MrGrimNasty says:

      Reminds me of “these go to 11”!

      • Taphonomic says:

        Just like Cable’s gun in Deadpool 2.

      • arn says:

        Believe me or not.
        Just last week i had a spinal tap 11-style discussion last week about Messi(soccer)
        He delivered a world class performance(2assissts and 2 goals) and got just 8 out of 10.
        And i told the guy that his rating was BS as everyone else would have gotten a 10 for this performance(incl. Maradonna and Pele)
        and he justified the 8 by saying
        that Messis performance must be measured differently.
        If not he would get 8 out of 10 times a 10 and that some of his 10 performances are twice as good than his “average”
        world class performances.

        I advised him to do a spinal tap and include two further ratings for him.
        11 and Messi+

  6. AndyDC says:

    The are a bunch of ghouls searching the globe every day, hoping to find a weather event, the deadlier the better. Their problem is that similar weather events have been taking place over and over since the beginning of time.

  7. PJB says:

    When it does stall out and dumps huge rainfall, THAT too will be caused by GW just like Harvey … even though that claim was also debunked quickly but was buried just as quickly.

  8. AndyDC says:

    It is amazing how Maria’s death toll (in Puerto Rico) suddenly jumped way up almost a year after the fact. What did they do, count all the people that died of old age? Or did they visit the graveyards and count dead people there? The Democrats have been know to count the dead during elections, so why should this be any different?

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      All of the above. They also did a statistical reanalysis with a greater weighting factor for the deader than dead and included those who were nearly dead (with a variable weighting factor depending on their condition).

    • Gator says:

      They did exactly what was done after Katrina, anyone that died during or after the storm was listed as a storm fatality. John Mutter, a professor of geophysics at Colombia University, compiled the figure that everyone uses now (1833) but he refuses to show his work or list of victims. Once again “journalists” love to parrot false alarmist rhetoric, and they would never dream of fact checking any alarmism.

      • cdquarles says:

        Hmm, did they change the definitions again? Back when I was interested in that type of statistic, a traumatic death code was allowed if someone died within 30 days of a traumatic injury from it or from complications that occurred due to that injury. I am talking about USA vital statistics rules. For the rest of the world, I’d be very skeptical of any reported statistics, without being able to determine the rules (consider this: the way the USA counts infant mortality is much more encompassing that many other nations, so comparing ours to the rest of the world’s , as reported, make ours look worse).

        • Gator says:

          Mutter pulled those numbers out of his special data file, which needs artificial lighting.

        • Phil. says:

          The definitions applicable to the Maria case are as follows:
          “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths can be directly attributed to a tropical cyclone if they are caused by forces related to the event, such as flying debris, or if they are caused by unsafe or unhealthy conditions resulting in injury, illness, or loss of necessary medical services. In Puerto Rico, every disaster-related death must be confirmed by the Institute of Forensic Sciences. This requires that bodies be brought to San Juan or that a medical examiner travel to the local municipality to verify the death, often delaying the issuance of death certificates.”

          • Gator says:

            The CDC had nothing to do with this BS…

            In the months following Maria, the official death toll relayed from the Government of Puerto Rico came into question by media outlets, politicians, and investigative journalists. Scores of people who survived the hurricane’s initial onslaught later died from complications in its aftermath. Catastrophic damage to infrastructure and communication hampered efforts to accurately document the total loss of life[not in citation given]. In Corozal, the government listed no fatalities; however, Mayor Sergio Torres Torres disputed this claim having witnessed[not in citation given] deaths in-person. Deaths related to power outages at Manatí Medical Center were not sent to San Juan for examination according to executive director José S. Rosado. He asserted heart attacks as natural causes; however, this is in direct contrast to government definitions, which include heart attacks as hurricane-related causes.

            In a message to the DHS, Representatives Nydia Velazquez and Bennie Thompson wrote, “It would be morally reprehensible to intentionally underreport the true death toll to portray relief efforts as more successful than they are. “In contrast, Mónica Menéndez—deputy director of the Bureau of Forensic Sciences—called the claims of hundreds of fatalities incorrect and dismissed them as “rumors”. Secretary of Public Safety Héctor M. Pesquera called claims of meddling with the death toll “horseshit”. In CNN’s report, they indicate that at least part of the issue is also related to subjectivity on what counts as a hurricane-related death.


            With a broad enough definition, every death can be counted.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            The alarmist approach to human deaths concurrent with weather-related events mirrors their reaction to natural variability. They claim that disappearing Arctic ice is a sign of dangerous global warming that will kill billions yet they rejoice and celebrate when they think they found the evidence of it happening. Every claim of additional deaths due the weather makes the sick bastards even happier.

      • Taphonomic says:

        Geophysics. When asked how much is 2+2, the answer is “What do you want it to be?”

  9. GW Smith says:

    The irony wasted is historic.

  10. Rah says:

    Sitting in a Rest Area on I-81 south of Harrisonburg, VA. Lots of utility Truck convoys in evidence.

  11. sunsettommy says:

    It has since dropped to 110 mph, a Category TWO!

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