More Nikon P-1000 Pix

Toto got his Arizona hair-do

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7 Responses to More Nikon P-1000 Pix

  1. steve case says:

    Nice Damsel fly (-:

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    I agree and the cricket is surrounded by colourful little stones. Please keep the lovely pictures coming!

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Closer to DSLR quality. Less noise, images are much less painterly. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Mr GrimNasty says:

    It gets to the point where the pictures look more life-like than real life.

    The first little blue areas have appeared over the ice on the DMI Arctic surface temperature map. Looks like the volume is starting to turn too.

  5. Charlie Straw says:

    Your photos are always an inspiration, Tony…
    thanks for posting them…along with your illuminating
    climate essays

    I began steady, daily walking in 2004 in order to lose weight after quitting smoking…to make my 3 to 10 mile walks more fun I began carrying a camera, mostly taking what I call “urban exploration” shots of buildings, graffiti, architectural crumblings and sidewalk cracks….needless to say, I lost the weight quickly, but kept on walking

    After 14 years of tredding ground (and I figure about 20,000 miles total) I finally recently developed serious shin splints, a serious muscle spasm and some sort of tiny fracture all in my right leg which kept me off my feet for three months. I missed my walking very much (it’s the world’s greatest thing) but also missed my (considerably cheaper than your Nikon) 8-year old 10mp Fuji Finepix…

    Though I’ve taken virtually 100s of thousands of photos over the years, I’ve only been happy with a very few (maybe 200 pics) – but the very act of bringing my camera up to my eye, composing the frame and pressing the button has been enough to keep my connection to the world close and vivid and real…

    The very odd and fascinating thing, is that out of all my numerous miles of walking in urban settings (down alleys, in the dark, through empty streets) I can happily say I’ve never really had even one moment of serious trouble with people, muggers, thieves or even dogs or skunks…I have developed a sixth sense and know immediately when to avoid suspicious characters in advance, so that helps…but, it’s quite illuminating when one realizes that the real world is not barely even as frightening as TV news or newspapers or social media mavens make it out to be…in fact, I feel safest walking at night, when all our nosy and bothersome neighbors are asleep…it’s daytime in the big city that’s most frightening to me

    and keep clicking

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