NASA 1974 : Burning Fossil Fuels To Cause An Ice Age

Before fossil fuels burned the planet up, they caused earth to freeze.

The Telegraph – Google News Archive Search

Twitter considers history to be dangerous, so they try to censor old newspaper articles.

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5 Responses to NASA 1974 : Burning Fossil Fuels To Cause An Ice Age

  1. gregole says:

    Oh those scientists with their feelings…

    • arn says:

      It was the Frankfurt Schools plan to “promote” feelings at universities.
      (Besides popymorphic perversion and destruction of western culture
      and claiming that Karl Marx was not wrong but population must be reeducated to “feel” he is right)

      When you know you will lose the debate in the long run feelings by default will become your way to got
      and it was feelings that turned a tiny tiny nobody
      co2 inside the huuuge system called climate into climates
      most dominant factor,while co2 miserably failed for hundreds of millions
      of years to cause the runaway greenhouse effect though co2 concentration was 10*+ higher than nowadays.
      Another problem is that far more h2o,which is a far more powerful ckimate gas, is released into the atmosphere
      and no scientist worried.(and they will never ever worry-until some PC opinion master declares h2o the ultimate threat and tax payers money can be leeched.Then every scientist and his dog will all of a sudden realise how evil h2o is and everyone is a tinfoil hat who does not think that way)

    • Josh says:

      Newspapers are a lie! What I say is what happened. Eg Ford vs witnesses /s

  2. Nutation_discombobulation says:

    Climate superstition is politically lopsided.

    “Dorsey’s comments are troubling as they come at a time when Twitter has demonstrated its incredible bias and continued censorship of conservative content. Twitter has a very strong track record of censoring conservative content. Recently, the company has come under fire for blocking the pro life group Live Action from advertising videos with ultrasound videos of reborn babies.”

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