New Video : Erasing America’s Climate History

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6 Responses to New Video : Erasing America’s Climate History

  1. Anon says:


    That section on substituting “estimated data” and the “e” in the published temperature record was very illuminating and valuable. As was the dissection of the NYT hometown temperature tool last week.


  2. Michael Spencer says:

    Meanwhile, back in the unreal world of the Al Gore’s “true believers”, the Australian Psychological Society recommends “101 Things You Can Do To Help Address Climate Change”!
    I’m sure this will help a lot!
    And ….

      • Michael Spencer says:

        And Tony! I must again commend you for your thorough research and your work in clarifying the extent of the climate fraud.
        The sad thing is that so many of the Public have no idea how they are being mislead by fraudsters and charlatans, and just how many political ideologues are just happily and unthinkingly supporting the “anthropogenic climate change” propaganda!
        Nothing has changed since the days of “bread and circuses” in the ancient Roman Empire!
        “Climate Change” is one of our modern-day examples.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Australian Psychological Society
        Believe In Change

        3. Put climate change stickers on your car or bike.
        6. Park your car at a friend’s house so it’s easy not to use it every day.

        I did not read all 101 steps but this belongs into the Journal of Psychiatry. Where do you draw the line with progressive shrinkhood?

  3. Rob Turpin says:

    “Erasing Posts That Prove Tony Is Wrong”.

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