Out Of Control Climate Scientists

“If you really wanted to melt the polar ice cap, spreading a layer of black, heat-absorbing soot over the North Pole should do the trick very neatly in about three years

There are more schemes for controlling climate now than for controlling the climate controllers.”

Steven Schneider   National Center For Atmospheric Research 1975

In 1975, climate scientists were worried about a new ice age, and wanted to melt the polar ice caps.

Science News      March 1, 1975 

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6 Responses to Out Of Control Climate Scientists

  1. GW Smith says:

    The left has no eyes for this. It doesn’t exist.

  2. gregole says:

    Still crazy after all these years.

  3. Brian D says:

    Looks like Sept is going to be a little cooler than recent years. Ch 6 temps, which are mid- troposphere, running closer to 2008, which is the coolest in the 15 yr record of this NASA graph. Data is raw and UAH makes some corrections. I’d expect near surface to be in the .1 range again this month.

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