Science 1973 – Glaciers To Cover Long Island

The suspicion that winters are getting colder is no longer merely a suspi­cion among climatologists. Over the last 30 years permanent snow on Baffin Island in Canada has expanded. Pack ice around Iceland in the winter is increasing and becoming a serious hazard to navigation. Warmth-loving armadillos that mi­grated northward in the first half of this century are now retreating southward toward Texas and Oklahoma.

If all indications are correct, worse is yet to come. Judging by what has happened in the past, it may very well get cold enough to allow great glaciers thousands of feet thick to cover North America as far south as Long Island, burying the highest peaks of the White Mountains and Adirondacks.

  • Saturday Review of the Sciences   March 24, 1973

Saturday Review of the Sciences   March 24, 1973

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