Seven Inches Of Permanent Drought Coming To Arizona

Seven years ago, Bill Clinton’s science advisor announced the southwest permanent drought.

Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest’s “Permanent Drought” | The Energy Collective

Current forecast is Phoenix will get more than 100% of our average annual rainfall in the next two weeks.

10-Day Precipitation Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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15 Responses to Seven Inches Of Permanent Drought Coming To Arizona

  1. Jimmy Haigh says:

    And that will be our fault too.

  2. “Current forecast is Phoenix will get more than 100% of our average annual rainfall in the next two weeks.”
    Huh? There’s no way Phoenix will get more than 8 inches of rain in the next two weeks. I’ll be happy if we get 2 inches.

  3. R Shearer says:

    Forty years ago, he pulled out his measuring tool, thrust it into my face, said how deep it would snow and that it was going to get deeper. His laugh, I’ll never forget his laugh.

  4. Pathway says:

    Rosa is pointed directly at western Colorado. We can only hope she dumps. We are in desperate need of rain.

  5. Steven Fraser says:

    I measured 13 1/8 inches of Permanent drought in my DFW backyard last weekend, and 1 7/8 inches this week.

    The lawn does not know what to do, all this H2O and CO2.

  6. gregole says:

    And this is on top of an already wet summer. Anything the warmunists say…bank on the opposite!

  7. Danz says:

    $10 says Phoenix’s rain will be “climate change” because of all that warm air holding all that moisture causing “extreme” weather and rain except when it passes through and then “climate change” will start working on drought again that’s supposed to kill us all except when it’s killing us with “extreme” floods.

  8. AndyDC says:

    It’s time to go harvest the record corn and soybean crop after a near perfect growing season!

  9. Gerkenstein says:

    Hey, I’m travelling there for work next week.
    It won’t be the normal hot as hell.

  10. gregole says:

    Sunday night, heavy clouds. Rain coming. It was forecast on the “pop” sites for Tuesday. Humph.

    • RAH says:

      If Joe Bastardi is right you’ll be getting it for most of the week. Course your a veteran to the area and have a head on your shoulders so you won’t get caught in the flash floods. But odds are some other less aware and astute Arizonans are going to die this week.

  11. Disillusioned says:

    Our grass used to always go dormant and get brittle-dry in August. Not the past few years. It looked like Spring this summer, all summer long. The desertification precipitation kept falling out of the sky – September we had record desertification. It kept the grass green and the lawnmower going much more than normal. Oh, the ironing.

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