Thirty Percent Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Volume Over The Past Decade

Ten years ago, America’s leading Arctic experts said the climate had passed the tipping point, and the Arctic could be ice-free between 2013 and 2018.

28 Aug 2008, 7 – The Daily Journal at

The exact opposite has happened. Arctic sea ice volume is up 30% over the past ten years.

FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20180925.png (1337×1113)

FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20080925.png (1337×1113)

The coverage of thick ice has massively expanded over the past ten years.  The animation below switches between 2008 and 2018, and masks out all ice less than four feet thick.

Arctic sea ice volume melt has been declining for fifteen years, and this year was fourth smallest melt on record.

Spreadsheet    Data

Arctic summer temperatures have been running consistently below normal over the past decade, so there should be no surprise that sea ice melt is down.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Meanwhile, the usual criminals in the press blame an imaginary increase in extreme events on imaginary loss of Arctic ice.

The Melting Arctic Is a Horror Story — Why Doesn’t Anyone Care? – Rolling Stone

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54 Responses to Thirty Percent Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Volume Over The Past Decade

  1. MW@Cairns says:

    Fucking wankers.

  2. Steven Fraser says:

    2018 DMI Sea Ice volume is #8 in the 16-year reporting period, and growing against the average day-by-day.

    Completely normal stuff.

  3. Gator says:

    Rolling Stone really should get rid of their fiction section, nobody cares to read that unimaginative drivel. I’m surprised nobody has sued them for plagiarism.

    • gregole says:


      That Rolling Stone headline nails it though:

      “…Why Doesn’t Anyone Care?”

      I certainly do not care about Arctic Ice.

      All that holds my interest is the fascination it seems to hold for those suffering from the insane public fetish we call CAGW; and how ready they are to strip me of my money, my freedom, and my rights to free expression while crushing the poor.

      Arctic Ice? Not a single maven has stepped up to answer my simple question: What year did the downward trend begin?

      These people are all insane.

  4. GW Smith says:

    “If we don’t talk about it maybe it will go away. It’s like it doesn’t exist. Then we can tell them what we want them to hear.”

    They’re mental. But they think we are.

    The left will always be around, like fleas and rats.

    • Johansen says:

      GW: we need to start up the State Hospitals again. Too many reporters and professors walking around hallucinating.

      Reminds one of the latest 2 accusers of Judge K. One says he pulled down his pants in her face, and the other says she got gang raped with K. participating. What you have is lonely people sitting around all day fantasizing and hearing K.’s name over and over again in the news, and pretty soon that turns into full-blown hallucination with K. visiting them and making love to them, and then you have a lawyer on the phone for hours reinforcing all this crap. That’s what I meant about the “State Hospitals” remark; a little dry humor.

      • Johansen says:

        State Mental Hospitals won’t fly under the Constitution, of course. But all those people are now in the general population, voting, writing newspaper columns, and in some cases teaching. And the use of psych drugs is way up since “One flew over the coo-coo’s nest”

        • Nutation_discombobulation says:

          Plus all the MSM Psych-Ops, dis-informational propaganda, predictive programming, etc, is precipitating virtual-intellectual-lobotomies en masse.
          The objective stupidifying, numbing and pacification of America.

  5. Psalmon says:

    The Arctic Marine Superhighway ends the season with 36 vessels between the Kara Sea and Baffin Bay. Only 14 are currently underway. Marine Traffic is tracking 169,000 total vessels worldwide.

    This with a purported saving of $200-400 K/per trip! Such wasteful shipping companies.

  6. DCA says:

    Rolling Stone: “Why doesn’t anyone care?”

    Could it be because those who are the most alarmist don’t actually conduct themselves like there is a problem?

    A recent study found that alarmists actually have personal behavior that is less eco-friendly than that of skeptics.

    • Gator says:

      Only fargin’ iceholes care.

    • Anon says:


      Have you seen this?

      Bleeding Heart Tightwads

      Liberals show tremendous compassion in pushing for generous government spending to help the neediest people at home and abroad. Yet when it comes to individual contributions to charitable causes, liberals are cheapskates.

      The upshot is that Democrats, who speak passionately about the hungry and homeless, personally fork over less money to charity than Republicans — the ones who try to cut health insurance for children.

      Arthur Brooks, the author of a book on donors to charity, “Who Really Cares,” cites data that households headed by conservatives give 30 percent more to charity than households headed by liberals. A study by Google found an even greater disproportion: average annual contributions reported by conservatives were almost double those of liberals.

      Other research has reached similar conclusions. The “generosity index” from the Catalogue for Philanthropy typically finds that red states are the most likely to give to nonprofits, while Northeastern states are least likely to do so.

      Conservatives also appear to be more generous than liberals in non-financial ways. People in red states are considerably more likely to volunteer for good causes, and conservatives give blood more often. If liberals and moderates gave blood as often as conservatives, Mr. Brooks said, the American blood supply would increase by 45 percent.

      I re-ran analyses. I got new data. Nothing worked. In the end, I had no option but to change my views.


      The same psychological profile. (very strange)

      • DCA says:

        Yes, I’m aware of that.
        One group is more likely to take personal responsibility, while the other is generous with other people’s money and liberties.

  7. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    The Rolling Stone article is so full of it.
    One example, they say: “In recent years, the Arctic has been heating up faster than any other place on the planet. (Last winter, temperatures in the Arctic were 45 degrees Fahrenheit above normal).” So I quickly checked the DMI temperature plots for this remarkable winter ‘heatwave’ (still well below freezing) and made up a quick comparison plot of 2018 with the years 1972 and 1976. Well, golly, there were similar winter ‘heatwaves’ in those earlier years, some 46 and 42 years ago, respectively.
    Here is 1976 v 2018:

  8. Robert Forest says:

    Planet Earth Wobbles As It Spins, and Now Scientists Know Why › Planet Earth

    2 days ago – Humans are responsible for some of the wobble in Earth’s spin. … Now, research quantifies the reasons why and finds that a third is due to melting ice and …

    Time to park the SUV…. don’t want the Earth wobbling around.

  9. Crashex says:

    Not only is the volume higher, there is substantially more thicker MYI in the central portion of the arctic basin, well away from being drained out through the Frame Strait.

    If the weak transpolar drift continues, then the build up of volume will as well.

    The center of gravity of the mass has moved back toward the North American side of the pole. Will that change the dynamics of the movement?

  10. AndyDC says:

    Why is no one concerned about normal sea ice? Why is no one concerned about record corn and soybean crops? Why is no one concerned about several slow tornado seasons?
    Why is no one concerned about lack of sea level rise? Why is no one concerned about 11 out of 12 hurricane seasons with no major hurricane strikes on the US mainland? Why is no one concerned about the growth of the Greenland ice cap?

    Only those that make up fake news designed to separate you from your wallet seem to care in the least.

  11. Griff says:

    utter nonsense. complete cherrypicking and misrepresentation of data.

    And the MODELLED DMI data is surely wrong.

    The extent for this date is now second lowest for the date… where is your annual bogus ‘fastest refreeze ever’ post?

    • Gator says:

      Liar. Why do you hate poor brown people Ms Griff?

    • spike55 says:

      You are a DECEITFUL, DISHONEST LIAR, griff.

      There are around 9600 years of the last 10,000 when it was MUCH lower.

      Even in the piddlingly small period since the ANOMALOUS HIGH of 1979, MASIE has the extent above 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016.

      STOP your cretinous CLIMATE CHANGE DENIAL.

      You come across as a demented monkey with your constant and DELIBERATE ignorance.

    • tonyheller says:

      The massive expansion of thick ice into the Arctic Basin and Beaufort Sea, combined with the failure of the climate prophets, seems to have Griff very agitated.

      • Griff says:

        What massive expansion?

        • spike55 says:

          OMG, griff. Stop being such an ignorant twit

          LOOK AT THE DATA.

          • Gator says:

            Phil still does not know what data is…

            HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling

            Poor Phil.

          • Phil. says:

            Poor Gator doesn’t have a clue.

            Spike55 referred to DMI as the DATA, of course as anyone who understands anything about this knows the DMI uses the HYCOM-CICE data as the basis for their calculation. That’s why I posted the HYCOM-CICE map. From DMI:
            Modelled Arctic sea ice

            The graphics on right shows a map with modelled sea-ice thickness and curves with calculated total sea-ice volume for the Arctic as a function of the day of the year. The mean volume and its standard deviation for the years 2004-2013 is shown with gray. The figures is based on calculations using the DMI operational coupled ocean- and sea-ice model HYCOM-CICE.”

          • Gator says:

            Nice try at a deflection Phil, but still a fail. Like most post modern science fans, you call the output of a model “data”.

            You did.

            Not me.

            Poor Phil.

          • spike55 says:

            YAWN !

            Strong thick ice in Beaufort and Central Arctic

            Russians agree

            GET OVER IT , phlop !!

          • Phil. says:

            Nice try at a deflection Phil, but still a fail. Like most post modern science fans, you call the output of a model “data”.

            You did.

            Not me.

            No, that was Spike55!

            Data is the input to a computer model, note what the description of HYCOM-CICE which you posted said:
            HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling

          • Gator says:

            Phil. says:
            September 28, 2018 at 5:20 pm
            Here is the data.

            You guys are incredible. Literally.

            Poor Phil.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            No, Phil is a credible witness.

            He doesn’t remember when and where he didn’t say “this is the data” but wherever it was, it’s seared into his memory that he didn’t say it then and there. He will never forget the moment he didn’t say it. He’s willing to undergo a polygraph test to show he didn’t say it.

            We must believe him.

          • Phil. says:

            Colorado Wellington says:
            September 29, 2018 at 4:23 pm

            We must believe him.

            Yes you should, I deal in facts, Gator and Spike do not. Spike described the DMI map as data:
            spike55 says:
            September 28, 2018 at 10:21 am

            LOOK AT THE DATA.

            To which I replied showing HYCOM-CICE which is the source of the data used by DMI.

          • Gator says:

            Facts? Really? Like “data” coming from a model? LOL

            How about the fact that there is nothing unusual or unprecedented taking place in the Arctic.

            Poor Phil.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Orderly, give Ms Griff more calming salts.

    • TimA says:

      “utter nonsense. complete cherrypicking and misrepresentation of data.”
      There….I’ve copied and pasted your boilerplate response to show how it’s done.
      BTW…where’s the bombshell response that you were to bring in September? We’re you fibbing for the “first” time?

    • AndyDC says:

      Why do you deny that sea ice is normal? Why do you deny record US corn and soybean crops? Why do you deny that there has been 11 out of 12 years with no major landfalling hurricanes on the US mainland? Why do you deny several recent very slow tornado seasons? Why do you deny that the Greenland Ice sheet has not been losing ice? Why do you deny that summer temperatures over the last century have dropped over much of the US and that US heat waves have become far less extreme?

    • gregole says:


      Where are my numbers? Why are you holding out on me?
      When will the Arctic be ice-free; and how much CO2 will it take to melt the ice?

      It’s 2018. Millions of sq km of ice. Did you do the fun exercise I suggested? Draw a circle with the area of ice at the min and place it over a map of your country to scale? Did it cover your country? Is that enough ice for you?

      I have so many questions Griff – and you have so many opinions. Do you have any answers?

      • ann other says:

        Griff comes from Kaipara Harbour, NZ so it won’t cover his country.
        He won’t answer questions. He just cherrypicks some paper he finds by Google and posts stuff out of that.

        • Gator says:

          Ms Griff needs to clean up her own habitat before she tries to save one that needs no help. Her own backyard is a frightful mess…

          As of 2011, the environmental state of the harbour has been called as “nearing crisis” and “in significant decline”, with shrinking fish and shellfish stocks, more sedimentation, declining water quality and competition for resource use and development being noted as the main issues, with “ninety-nine per cent of the rivers in the catchment [are] polluted”.

          Wow Ms Griff, what the Hell have you been doing, you know, besides hating poor brown people?

      • Griff says:

        I haven’t seen another post from you, sorry. I only get here once a day, if I get a coffee break (or sometimes if I have a long wait for something…!)

        The likely date for regular ice free summer arctic ocean, under the accepted definition, seems to be somewhere between 2025 and 2040.

        Today has the 3rd lowest extent for the date in the 40 year record. It may still be meting round the edges in some places.

        The ice is definitely in decline in volume, extent, thickness and age.

        • spike55 says:

          And its a total load of mindless garbage, based on empty unsupportable nonsense science.

          It is NOT the third lowest extent in 40 years, and so what if it was, the late 1970s was a time of anomalously high sea ice extent. Thank goodness it has dropped back a bit.

          Extent is FAR HIGHER than a for most of the first 9500 or more year of the current interglacial.

          It is STILL in the top 10% of the last 10,000 years, and there has been zero trend for well over a decade.

          You have been shown that fact MANY times, so you are now just straight out LYING and being a mindless ignorant TROLL.!!

        • Gator says:

          The likely date for regular ice free summer arctic ocean, under the accepted definition, seems to be somewhere between 2025 and 2040.

          So we need to starve another 50 to 150 million people? Is that your goal Ms Griff?

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