After NOAA Adjustments

When government agencies tamper with data, they are guaranteed to get whatever result they want.

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  1. EdB says:

    Is the NASA line global or land based surface temperatures?

    It is easy to conflate the two.

    The NASA global is for sure made up for oceans, most likely by running models backwards.

    • tonyheller says:

      Nothing is conflated. Why start out the thread with a comment like this?

      • EdB says:

        No disrespect intended. I, like you, want to verify. I suppose a direct overlap on top of that bogus NASA graph would have made it immediately evident.

        By the way, can you link me to a history of the USHCN data set? I do not understand the word “historical”. Does it mean only real measurements, and not infilled ones? Does it include UHI influenced readings, without UHI “adjustment”? I find it very difficult to know where the good quality(Anthony Watt’s 8% of class 1 and 2 stations) files are located and what they are called.

        Id do think your work is providing a clear difference in the climate wars. The recent Danish paper which shows that the sheltered from ocean station temperatures of the 30’s and early 40’s are a little warmer corroborates your work. they may well have picked up on your insights.

      • EdB says:

        OK, I digitized the NASA land only and it is a close match to the above. My bad.

  2. jb says:

    i figured your adjustment would have been Colorado Rockies for LA Dodgers!

  3. Stewart Pid says:

    You know the science is fake and the fix is in when you see the “Ministry of Truth” constantly changing the past.

  4. Charles Straw says:

    Coincidentally, in today’s LA Times sports writer Bill Plaschke prefaced his account of the World Series drubbing of the Dodgers with this bit of corny climate-influenced silliness:

    “Winter came to Chavez Ravine Sunday night, swiftly, cruelly, blowing in from Boston and burying the Dodgers precisely where they stood. Clayton Kershaw, frozen on the mound, staring at his shoes. Dodgers batters, motionless at home plate, glaring into failure. Dave Roberts, stuck on the dugout rail, peering into his future….

    Surrounding it all was a Dodger Stadium filled with October-bitten fans, frosty in their seats, glaring down at somebody else celebrating a championship for the second consecutive year…

    It was all so cold. It was all so familiar”

  5. RickS says:


    I knew someone was holding back on something ?

    You can’t even trust MLB these days ??? !

    Go figure

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