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While out walking the dogs, I saw a very interesting car wreck in front of the Farmer’s Insurance building in North Phoenix this morning, but have no idea how this could have happened.

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  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    Hillary was explaining to her driver the 97 reasons why she lost to Trump.
    The driver began uncontrollable laughter, lost control,
    went over the curb, through the bunch grass, and was headed
    toward the electrical equipment.
    Hillary, said “You are drifting to the right.”
    Then she pushed the wheel counter-clockwise, averting a serious crash.
    Thereby preventing the driver from getting a medal of honor.

  2. arn says:

    That’s how i usually use to drive my car and as soon as i am in front of an insurance building i ask that way for insurance payment


    Someone,something was on the road,driver tries not to hit it,
    turns to the right hits the breaks and overcompensates,maybe he then tried to avoid the tree(even smaller trees can be fatal )
    -when you stand on the breaks the car can no longer be steered,
    and while on gravel even anti lock won’t work as expected.

  3. arn says:

    Somethings on the street.
    Driver overcompensates steering to the right(or need to steer once again to the right due to people on the sidewalk.)During Emergency break even anti-lock won’t work as desired when on gravel,hits the cube-thing.

  4. Johansen says:

    What, no solar panels on those parking covers? Shame on Farmers….

  5. pinroot says:

    They’re working on a new idea for a commercial.

  6. Stewart Pid says:

    Texting while driving. I recently read that it is now worse than impaired driving for percent of accidents. RAH could likely address this issue better than any of us.

  7. AZ1971 says:

    There’s no explaining the crazy drivers here in Phoenix. They’ve come from all over the country and drive like it’s the Grand Prix because there’s little more than sunshine to ruin racing conditions.

  8. feathers says:

    Only a trained “keen” eye can explain this one…The car was not traveling on the road shown in the photo, instead the car was parked in the lots on the other side of the vegetation. The driver back-parked but when she re-entered the car she forgot, putting the transmission into “Reverse” out of habit. To make matters worse, when the car didn’t budge because the rear wheels were against the curb, she floored it, shooting the car across the vegetation. What do I win?

    • Stewart Pid says:

      The car got to it’s resting position by moving forward …. look at the front of the car and the tracks in the gravel. Trained eye …..

  9. Steven Fraser says:

    Drove on to the gravel from the parking lot, smooth turn to the right ( no deep turn mark), oversteers, tries to correct sharply left to avoid obstacle, but sideswipes the utility box, including hooking the rrear bumper while turning left and braking. Stops boxed in by utility boxes and plantings. I”m thinking driving while texting, or on the phone…

  10. Bob Hoye says:

    The marks in the gravel suggest the car spun out somehow and rotated into the metal box and stopped.
    The first post by “John” is + + + +

  11. Jeff Jones says:

    Classic texter. I used to be most afraid of geriatric drivers, now it is pre-30 year old chicks. Seems EVER ONE of them is texting while driving

    • Timo - Not that one. says:

      Here in Canada, on the day after marijuana was legalized I passed a car on the highway where the driver was smoking dope while texting. I swear he had no hand on the steering wheel, which explained why he was drifting into my lane.

  12. Colorado Wellington says:

    The Toyota hit the curb coming from the right side, went airborne over the plants and stopped when it hit the gravel. The tire mark on the curb could be from this incident.

    In alternative, the U.S. Air Force is practicing the drop of vehicles into Phoenix neighborhoods.


  13. Al Shelton says:

    It was a Tesla on “autodrive” ?? Nah! Looks like a Toyota

  14. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Not being from around these parts, they were trying to find their way to the Interstate but had got completely lost. (“I don’t remember seeing this last time I was here.”)
    The sat-nav was proving to be worse than useless.
    And now they were seriously feeling the heat.
    The sat-nav was about to give out completely when it was finally heard to say, “Let us cross over the verge, and rest under the shade of the trees.”

  15. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Gaia’s holy herb flooding in from California and Colorado?
    I love how nicotine is evil in the green religion but THC is worshipped.

  16. Disillusioned says:

    His GPS was likely set to walking directions. My Screwgle Maps GPS has on more than one occasion switched from driving directions to walking directions, for apparently no reason; just typed the address I was looking for, and later noticed it saying the directions given were for walking. I then switched it over to driving directions (have never purposefully chosen walking directions). I have never followed it up onto a sidewalk, either. Good thing I wasn’t near a park. ;-P

    • Disillusioned says:

      Ha! The reply above was supposed to be in reply to (and under) CW’s “fine line” PTL trucking post. Well, nobody’s human!

  17. Isn’t it obvious what happened? It was global warming!

  18. Squidly says:

    Can’t explain it .. but I can sure laugh about it …

  19. DCA says:

    Pretty sure the car and its tracks were always there. The trees and electrical boxes grew up around it over the decades.

  20. BruceC says:

    The driver, who donated money to Stormy Daniels’ GoFundMe, just heard on the radio that Trump’s lawyers submitted a claim for $341,559.50 for legal costs incurred.

  21. Rah says:

    My truckers prayer for today: Oh merciful father, thank you for guiding me here to this place in Richmond Hill, Ontario through this long, dark, and rainy night. Grant me a safe return to my Loved ones during the coming night. And Lird, if it isn’t too much to ask, U beseach thee to deny entrance into your heavenly realm the architect that designed this hell hole I just spent 15 minutes trying to back into a door at. Amen.

  22. Rah says:

    Man I hate the way these phones play games. I know what I wrote.

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