Taking Action On The UN Climate Report

The UN predicts many meters of sea level rise due to an increase of 0.0001 mole fraction CO2 over the past century.  If you believe them, please contact this realtor and take appropriate action.

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7 Responses to Taking Action On The UN Climate Report

  1. Charles Straw says:

    Not being a Contemporary Country Music fan, I was expecting a twangy lunk-headed diatribe against the evils of human created climate change…but it’s just a catchy love song with ironic, bittersweet lyrics…

    The “ocean front property” lyrical cliche’ reminds me of the “I have a bridge I can sell you” cliche’ – which could conceivably apply to climate change asserters…and which could also be the basis for a swell country pop hit

    George C. Parker (March 16, 1860 – 1936) was an American con man best known for his surprisingly successful attempts to “sell” the Brooklyn Bridge. He made his living conducting illegal sales of property he did not own, often New York’s public landmarks, to unwary immigrants. The Brooklyn Bridge was the subject of several of his transactions, predicated on the notion of the buyer controlling access to the bridge. Police removed several of his victims from the bridge as they tried to erect toll booths

    – Wikipedia

    Keep up the inspirational work, Tony — I first heard about your site through KFI radio in LA, via the John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou program several years ago.

  2. frederik wisse says:

    How wonderful ! Prince Charles , the UK green prince bought 30 years a property at Vero Beach on orchid Island , famous for its grapefruits of unchallenged worldbest quality to install a training-ranch for his polohorses . Most of the grapefruit-groves were sacrified to the holy grail of prince charles and he used the rich sandy soil to train his horses . I have nothing against it , but the property was at the most 3 foot above high water 30 years ago and nothing has changed there in the meantime . There is much interest for a location there that the value of the land has exploded there during the last 30 years . The superrich donot believe a word of the cagw scam , but it is used as a tool to control society . Trump is not so exceptional , he bought also oceanfront property in Florida , but he is showing to be more honest .

  3. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    I wish my great-grandparents had bought some oceanfront property at Bondi Beach, Sydney in 1875.

  4. gregole says:

    Love it! Ocean front property in Arizona. Wonderful.

  5. Walter Melon says:

    Never can go wrong with some George Strait.

    Arizona had plenty of ocean front property during the cretaceous.

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