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More barbecue science at the Met Office.

Barbecue summer? The Met Office issues a revised summer forecast – Telegraph

By some remarkable coincidence, the UK Met Office decided to come out with a wildly fraudulent climate assessment the same week as the US government came out with their wildly fraudulent climate assessment.

  1. Summer temperatures could be up to 5.4 °C hotter by 2070, while winters could be up to 4.2 °C warmer
  2. The chance of a summer as hot as 2018 is around 50 % by 2050
  3. Sea levels in London could rise by up to 1.15 metres by 2100
  4. Average summer rainfall could decrease by up to 47 % by 2070, while there could be up to 35 % more precipitation in winter

Most detailed picture yet of UK’s future climate – Met Office

The graphs below show the number of days above 70 degrees at all UK GHCN stations. There is no indication that UK summers are getting hotter.

There is also no indication that UK summers are getting drier.

As far as sea level goes, this is what the Sussex Coast looked like 1800 years ago.

This is the same location on the coast now.

Below are the sea level graphs for all NOAA UK tide gauges.  There is no indication that sea level rise rates have accelerated, or that the UK is in any danger from sea level rise.

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

There is zero data to back up any of the UK Climate Assessment claims.  Just like the US Climate Assessment it is completely fraudulent, and created for political purposes rather than scientific ones. The UK Met Office has a long history of completely useless long-term forecasting.

‘Barbecue summer’ is over, the Met Office predicts – Telegraph

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