New Video : Ten Days Left For The Planet

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  1. frederik wisse says:

    Correlation is not causation . Lying about climatic events does not influence the climate .It only influences peoples minds .There is a strong correlation between lying and stupidity . Which causes which is an open question with many possible answers .
    However it is beyond our human limitations to change the weather from day to day and the climate over a longer period of time . Poor modern prophets with so little importance .

  2. GeologyJim says:

    Another cogent, organized, and easily understandable summary of the non-problem, Tony. Well done!

    For those of us in the northern hemisphere this time of year, the lengthy compilation of webcam screen-shots from the Maldives was a bit “cruel”, although not “unusual”

    Take all your cold-weather gear to Los Alamos. It’s gonna be a chilly week or two ahead in NM and CO and the whole midsection of the USA

  3. garyh845 says:

    Moonlight Sonata. One of the few pieces I can actually play rather well.

    Curious – are those your magic fingers, Tony?

  4. Smithy says:

    Brilliant! I watched this with my wife. Her eyes usually glaze over when I drone on about non-existent climate change but this really made it real for her. ‘Why do they lie?’ she said. As you say, nobody makes any money from saying all is well.

    • arn says:

      When your wife (or any other person) asks next time “why do they lie?”
      ask back “Why did that lie with tonkin,yellow cake,WMD’s,Yellow Cake
      to attack Vietnam/Lybia/Syria etcetc”

      Why did they lie to implement Nafta?.

      The reason is simple:”It works so well”
      to make people acceppt things they”d never acceppt otherwise- and it works always and forever every single time”

  5. Michael Spencer says:

    Once again Tony: you’ve nailed it! The videos with the combination of nasty past publications and graphs, not to say the alarming webcam pictures does rather show up these fraudulent charlatans.

    I’m looking forward to the day we see a Royal Commission into this scam herein Australia. Personally I have the very Australian territory in mind for these scamsters where they can contemplate their navels: Heard Island (without heating) would seem to be the ideal retirement village site. Perhaps we could import a few of the extinct polar bears to entertain them.

    Only today I checked the latest from Tim Flannery’s “Climate Council”: a video of 12 months of “unprecedented” disasters! So no I will add yet anoth page to my interactive PDF about weather so that punters may experience the wild CC claims, as distinct from your (dreadful!) logic and nasty facts!

    (Of course, the way to fix the problem is to send money! Baaa…. Baaa…. Baaa….

  6. Disillusioned says:

    Fantastic video. Thank you Tony.

  7. CO2isLife says:

    Tony, great video as usual. Have you ever considered something like Patreon to make money off your videos?

  8. AndyDC says:

    Not too many pulled punches with that video! Makes it very clear to anyone with intellectual curiosity that virtually the entire country has been duped.

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