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Rise Of The Police State

General Flynn is the quintessential example of why the innocent plead guilty. General Flynn knew the FBI had a complete recording of the conversation about which they came to question him. Comey deliberately and oh-so-cleverly dispatched the agents in an ambush … Continue reading

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Jeff Flake’s Legacy

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Hansen Running Out Of Time

The world’s leading climate expert has only two weeks left to melt the Arctic, and the ice is rapidly expanding and thickening. December 1              December 17 The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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My Arizona Home

I’m headed back to Colorado soon, but I will miss this magical place. And particularly my little green friend.   

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Penguins Migrating North

Penguins initially migrated to Canada, dressed as Puffins. Then they migrated all the way to the North Pole. But plastic straws?  That is really offensive.

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Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Twitter doesn’t know the difference between a deer and an elk

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