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Did Something Happen Last Month?

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100% Solar

The UK is on its way to 100% solar power, and only has 100% left to go. Live monitoring of the UK electricity National Grid Ontario is generating a whopping 0.2% of their electricity from solar today. Gridwatch | Web … Continue reading

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CNN Sad About Mattis

CNN is sad and scared about Mattis resigning. But they were happy when Obama fired him five years ago. The Obama administration’s inexplicable mishandling of Marine Gen. James Mattis – Foreign Policy

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1984 Arrives

The people who wanted Bush to ignore the intelligence community and stay out of the Middle East, are hysterical that President Trump is doing exactly what they spent the last 18 years demanding. It will be interesting to see what … Continue reading

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Scientists Have Just Discovered ……

Thirty-five million people now know that Antarctica is melting three times faster than it was ten years ago. (87) Gloria Letizia Irion shared a video. – Gloria Letizia Irion This is a remarkable fact, given that Antarctica is gaining ice. … Continue reading

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