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Fifth Coldest October/November On Record In The US

October/November afternoon temperatures in the US have been declining since the 19th century. There was a very sharp drop off in the late 1960’s, and temperatures never recovered. This October/November was fifth coldest on record. The percentage of days above … Continue reading

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1968 : We Need Sanity … Not Gun Controls

01 Aug 1968, Page 13 – Pampa Daily News at Newspapers.com

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Leader Of The Free World

God bless Donald Trump!

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Michael Mann Is Like Ghandi And Thomas Jefferson

Two-bit climate fraudster Michael Mann sees himself as Gandhi, saving the world from the axis of evil, and that he belongs in the anals of history. Donald Trump is in the oil business, just as much as Michael Mann is … Continue reading

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Looking For Climate Change

Ninety-seven percent of birds sitting on cactus worry about carbon pollution at least zero percent of the time.

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