Guardian 1989 – Only Communism Can Stop Twelve Feet Of Sea Level Rise

Thirty years ago, The Guardian and Canberra Times said that without global communism, sea level would rise one to four meters by the year 2030.

GOVERNMENTS must yield national sovereignty to multilateral authorities able to enforce laws “across environmentally invisible frontiers”

A Commonwealth Expert Group set up to look at climate change estimated there was a 90 per cent certainty that    …. sea levels would rise by between one and four metres, by the year 2030.

26 Jan 1989 – Call for anti-greenhouse action – Trove

Who would house the displaced populations of low lying areas like the Maldives, a chain of 1200 islands barely above sea level? Current attitudes to refugees and immigrants in most countries did not suggest that large population movements were feasible. Acceptance of an enhanced risk of large scale drowning was clearly not an option.

The Canberra Times also said the Maldives would be underwater by 2018.

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

We didn’t listen, and look what happened to the Maldives.The ocean now extends all the way to the edge of the beach.

Live Cam Kuredu Island Resort

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