Snowiest Day On Record In Flagstaff

I was a studying computer science at Northern Arizona University thirty years ago, when  CO2 just passed 350 PPM.  It snowed a lot then, and it snows a lot now. Nothing has changed.

State of Emergency in Flagstaff after snowiest day on record |

Eight weeks ago, the Arizona Republic Repulsive announced the end of snow in Flagstaff, due to global warming.

Climate change: Winter was Flagstaff’s identity. What happens now?

These pictures were taken near Phoenix this morning.

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11 Responses to Snowiest Day On Record In Flagstaff

  1. Gerald Machnee says:

    We were in Phoenix in April several years ago. we had to delay going to the Grand Canyon when Flagstaff got 14 inches of snow.

  2. feathers says:

    Tony – I got an email this morning from the Arizona Snowbowl, it reads: POWDER ALERT: 4.5 FEET in 2 Days! #FEBRUBURIED.

  3. gregole says:

    Rode my motorcycle from Tempe to Scottsdale Air-park this morning. The foothills just north and east of Scottsdale were covered in snow. Quite pretty actually. And cold. The ride back to Tempe was also on the cool side. Yeah. It’s cold, wet, and snowy here in Phoenix. I’m told it hailed in Tempe while I was up in Scottsdale.

  4. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    It’s all Bono’s fault.

  5. Margy says:

    We’re 9 miles north of Fountain Hills. We got about 2 inches of very wet snow. Lots of damage to trees. Reminds me of late spring snow storms back home in Alberta.

  6. Steven Fraser says:

    Per Accuweather at

    Flagstaff set its all-time record for 1 day snowfall:

    ‘Thursday set the all-time daily record for snowfall in Flagstaff, Arizona, with 35.9 inches of snow. The previous record was 31 inches set over a century ago on Dec. 30, 1915. This also shattered February’s all-time daily snowfall record of 24 inches set on Feb. 2, 1901.’

  7. Menicholas says:

    My guess is that it has always been the case that Flagstaff has some Winters with little snow. At least for part of the season.
    It is, after all, sammiched between the Mojave and Painted deserts.

  8. Menicholas says:

    Three feet on one day.
    That is a lot of snow anywhere.
    What about water content?
    Was it heavy wet snow or fluff?

    • Steven Fraser says:

      The Joshua Tree sign has snow on a vertical face. I think that indicates moist snow.

      • rah says:

        Ok, I’m waiting for measurable snow a Furnace Creek, CA.

        For those not familiar Furnace Creek, CA is in Death Valley. I quote Wikipedia
        ” The elevation of the village is 190 feet (58 m) below sea level. Furnace Creek holds the record for the highest reliably recorded air temperature on Earth at 134 °F (56.7 °C) on July 10, 1913, as well as the highest recorded natural ground surface temperature on Earth at 201 °F (93.9 °C) on July 15, 1972. ”

        In July of 2018 Furnace creek set a new monthly record high average temp for July but these days it has a visitor center with outside A/C unit, a set of solar panels, an asphalt parking lot and RV park all situated too close to where the temperatures are taken. So current temps are not directly comparable to back when the records were set. This problem of station siting is wide spread and multifaceted. Stations that once were in rural areas are now in urban areas. The whole network of the stations that NOAA gets it’s temperatures from are more urban, the number of stations further south has increased, and on average they are at lower elevations than they were just 30 years ago.

        There are many ways to cheat and NOAA and NASA GISS uses them all.

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