The December 1967 Arizona Snowstorm

Arizona is having an epic snowstorm today which is breaking one day snowfall records, but the December 1967 storm lasted for seven days and brought 83 inches of snow to Flagstaff.

20 Dec 1967, Page 1 – Arizona Republic at

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4 Responses to The December 1967 Arizona Snowstorm

  1. GW Smith says:

    My first year of college was at NAU in 1966, and I froze my ass off, so much so that I quit and went to UCLA. Just think, if I’d stayed, I’d have experienced even colder weather!

  2. Shirley Clarkson says:

    I was at Red Lake on the Navajo reservation Dec of 1968. We were snowed in at the Post Office for three days. I remember helicoptors were sent in to drop hay to the livestock and supplies to the residents of the reservation. The radio station was broadcasting updates and inquires from Flagstaff and the surrounding area. Snowmobiles were sold out ….what a memory

  3. Phoebe Hoffman says:

    I was living in Flagstaff in December of 1967 and I remember it snowed 3 feet or 36 inches one day, then it did not snow for one day, and then it started snowing again and it snowed 3 more feet. We were told that was 84 inches on the level with drifts from 15 to 30 feet.

  4. Florence Young says:

    I was a junior at NAU and lived in Campbell Hall. It started snowing on Monday and by Wednesday, school was closed. It was not because students couldn’t get to class; teachers couldn’t reach the campus. An icicle hanging from the roof of the second story reached the window of the first floor and maintenance was called to knock it down so it didn’t impale someone. Women still wore dresses to class and campus activities then and I wore jeans to trudge through the snow to my job at the health center, changing to a dress when I got there. I took the last bus to leave Flagstaff for four days on Thursday and went home for Christmas break to Tucson. When we returned to more than 80 inches of plowed snow on the campus, we couldn’t see some one-story buildings because the snow was so high from the snow throwers.

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