The Fake Post-1970 US Temperature Spike

USHCN raw temperature data shows a sharp rise in temperatures after 1970.

I did some analysis on this, and discovered that since 1970, NOAA has been losing December data much faster than they have been losing July data.  This causes post-1970 temperatures to be skewed upwards.


If I plot only stations with complete records for the year, the post-1970 peak gets reduced.

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11 Responses to The Fake Post-1970 US Temperature Spike

  1. Ben says:

    Isn’t the same weather station giving data both in July and in December? How can the winter data be missing and not the summer?

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      Now you’re asking the right questions.
      The United States Historical Climate Network (USHCN) is part of NOAA.

      From Wikipedia:
      Jane Lubchenco served as Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) from 2009 to 2013. She was nominated by President-Elect Barack Obama as a part of his new “Science Team” in December 2008, confirmed by the Senate on March 19, 2009, and sworn in on March 20, 2009. When introducing her to his Senate colleagues, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) called Lubchenco ‘the bionic woman of good science’. She served as NOAA Administrator for nearly four years until her resignation on February 27, 2013.

      NOTE: Jane Lubchenco served as a founding board member of Climate Central, but resigned that position when she was appointed NOAA director in 2008. Dr. Lubchenco has served as president of the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS), the International Council for Science (ICSU), and the Ecological Society of America, and was a board member for 10 years on the National Science Board. Dr. Lubchenco has served on numerous National Academy of Sciences and several commissions, including the Pew Oceans Commission, the Joint Oceans Commission Initiative, the Aspen Institute Arctic Commission, the Council of Advisors for Google Ocean and the Blue Ribbon Panel for the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Oceans.

      Dr. Lubchenco was succeeded by former astronaut Kathy Sullivan.

    • tonyheller says:

      Some months aren’t reported

  2. ClimateYogi says:

    Am I mistaken or is NOAA not in contempt of Congress for not providing climate data to the Environment and Public Works committee ? I believe this was even in the previous administration .

  3. GeologyJim says:

    Back in the 1960s, “Wonder Bread” was all the rage as an improved version of ordinary sandwich bread for the masses. It was dreary white squishy-spongy bread virtually devoid of taste

    But the Madison Avenue ad-men told us it was superior because it “Builds Strong Bodies 12 Ways”, each “Way” apparently being tied to vitamin and mineral supplements.

    Someone (most likely George Carlin) imagined that the vast Wonder Bread conglomerate supported hordes of “Wonder Scientists”, organized into Twelve Teams each responsible for one of the wonderful “12 Ways”.

    NOAA/NASA/CRU and all seem to have vast hordes of “climate scientists” organized in teams to alter the observational temperature record in numerous “Wonder Ways”.

    Reduce high-latitude and high-altitude station data over time
    Adjust old station data downward ad hoc
    Adjust newer data upward by reverse-UHI fudging
    Adjust newer regional data upward by homogenizing with UHI-contaminated stations
    Adjust data up and down as needed by “filling in” missing observational data
    Adjust data up and down as needed by deleting seasonal data that are “too cold”
    Adjust regional data by extrapolating rare polar data (at UHI-effected sites) across vast landscapes with no observational data at all
    Adjust ocean temperature data by fiddling with bucket data/intake data/ARGO data as needed
    Adjust paleo reconstructions by “selective criteria” on proxy data, whether used right-side-up or right-side-down

    Quite a vibrant (even “robust”) little cottage industry, eh?

    The possibilities are endless, along with the “research” grants

    • Disillusioned says:

      Good post.

      The possibilities are endless, along with the “research” grants

      Is it not the research grants that make the possibilities endless?

    • netprophet says:

      Growing up in the 1960’s, I also remember those Wonder Bread ads, often on Captain Kangaroo. However, my mother was not fooled by the nonsensical ad claims and so we never ever bought Wonder Bread. Sadly, most people today are not fooled by our beloved government agencies engaged in all the manipulations you list. Thanks for the post.

  4. Bob Hoye says:

    I’m 97% confident that it is more than a “robust cottage industry”

  5. paul courtney says:

    When I see certain folks on other strings say w/ 100% confidence that the modern era adjustments were not significantly warming, I had to wonder if they simply knew that NOAA et al moved the adjustments fwd in the process. Wouldn’t it be very simple if the folks assembling the data chose to drop a few readings that contra-indicated AGW therefore erroneous. Geologyjim shows they’re dropping a few bits across a spectrum, wonder if that makes it harder to track? Then the folks who post can ‘splain to deniers that the (post) adjustments are tiny, making it sound like we’re cracked.

  6. Dee says:

    Actual website here from a green who plays both sides of the global warming coin by suggesting that the Winter Olympics 2026 will be held in Ireland because global warming will cause, eh, global cooling….

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