Got Your Global Warming Forecast Wrong? No Problem – Blame Climate Change

Thirty years ago, global warming experts predicted water levels in the Great Lakes would fall by eight feet.

03 Oct 1989, Page 6 – Detroit Free Press at

Instead, water levels are at a record high.  No problem for climate alarmists though – they simply blame their incompetence on climate change.

Surging Great Lakes water levels shrink beaches, flood docks in Michigan | Bridge Magazine

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8 Responses to Got Your Global Warming Forecast Wrong? No Problem – Blame Climate Change

  1. Lance says:

    4 years ago, Easter Canada(mainly) voted for the idiot in office now. I blame CC also….

  2. Ricardo Milos says:

    Let’s do some critical thinking. Who does Tony call the “global warming experts?” Really only one person, a staff writer for the DTP. It would be better if he when through the archives to see where Campbell got that stat in the first place. The second story includes one month (May 2019) that set height records. How have the Lakes been acting lately? Could we see some data to determine what the trend is?

  3. Ricardo Milos says:

    Whoops, thought that was going to be the profile pic. Guess it got the comment flagged. So I’ll type it again with a relevant graph.
    Let’s do some critical reading and thinking. First, who is Steve calling the “global warming experts?” Just a single person really, staff writer Bob Campbell. What makes him so qualified? Maybe if we can get the past stories he has done on the Lakes, which the article alludes to, to see his primary source. Second, the next story only talks about records set in May 2019 and doesn’t mention an overall trend. So here’s some recent data from the Army Corp of Engineers. So while some lakes are about the same, a few have risen several inches the past century. Once again, without Campbell’s primary source, we can’t determine what the “experts” said about the Lake’s water levels.

  4. steve case says:

    I’ll have to take a drive down to the lake front to see what it looks like.

  5. Bill says:

    I have friends who own part of an island in the waterway that connects Lake Superior to Lake Huron; they built a small spit of land to enclose a dock and a boat slip in front of their house. (You can’t just put in a pier; it would be torn away by ice floes in the spring.)

    About fifteen years ago, the water levels were so low, they had to build longer ladders to be able to climb down to where their boat was and dredge it out so their boat would float in the boat slip.

    Naturally, everyone thought that this was the new normal in weather and climate. Drought!

    Now, the water levels are so high, they’re wondering if they will need to abandon their dock and just moor their boat next to the island. Docks are being covered over in coastal cities throughout Michigan. This is a real problem; electrical outlets used by boaters are in danger of being inundated.

  6. Joe in Wyo says:

    Geez. Was it really 30 years ago that Zsa Zsa slapped that cops face?
    Wow. How time flies… I like how that little blurb mentions the “15 minutes” of fame.
    Very appropriate for the social justice and climate change warriors.
    Truer words have never been spoken.
    Good job Warhol.

  7. Psalmon says:

    In 2012 when the Lakes were at record lows, Great Lake experts in Nat Geo called the Lake Superior’s rapid warming “…the Canary in The Coal Mine”. “Major shifts are underway…”

    Then the lakes froze almost completely over in 2014 and again in 2015 and again it was over 80% maximum in 2019.

    Because…climate change.

  8. Davel says:

    Link to the season snow fall maps for the upper peninsula. It seems to be generally increasing. Note 2002-3 season through 2018-19 season.

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