Pigtail Propaganda : A Long European Tradition

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18 Responses to Pigtail Propaganda : A Long European Tradition

  1. DeeDub says:

    Sieg Heil!

    • Robertv says:

      But did they really lose the war? The EU is a Fascist Big Brother organisation where freedom no longer exist. Those in power know every movement we make and the digital world makes it a lot easier for them to do. They made us believe they need 100% control to make us safe and free. So we became less than slaves.

  2. Gator says:

    Cowards and incompetents always hide behind children.

  3. Lasse says:

    She want us to panic!

  4. Bob Hoye says:


  5. Good one; wide international appeal with no translation needed.

  6. just a thought says:

    The German BND could be her future employer. I understand they have a soft spot for brainwashed handmaids of evil.

  7. R Shearer says:

    Soph destroys Greta in a video on BitChute.

  8. Brian D says:

    Quick slideshow here. Says it all.

  9. steve case says:

    Good one Tony – You Rock!

  10. gregole says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  11. toorightmate says:

    That bloke with the Swastika on his sleeve isn’t Joe Biden by any chance?

  12. Johansen says:

    How a person (Himmler) could cause the suffering of so many people without one speck of remorse is, well, beyond my understanding. Maybe someone can explain it to me. What goes through his mind as he gently holds his daughter? Do *any* doubts creep in as he lays in bed? Does he lie there thinking of any of the thousands of terrified faces? Does he have *any* regrets up to the moment of his pathetic death? Why does he take the easy way out at the moment of truth, as if he’s wavering? Sickening…

    • rah says:

      Evil! It exists. Goebbels glaring at Alfred Eisenstaed, a Jewish photographer, 1933.

    • Robertv says:

      Many Germans hated the jews because they were the 1 % ,’the rich’. We know how easy it is to make people hate the evil rich and think they have the right to take their belongings. Nothing has changed.

      National Socialist German Workers’ Party

    • rah says:

      At Flint Kasserne, Bad Tolz, I sat is the same theater seat that Himmler had sat in during the dedication of the opening of the SS Officers Junkershule (Campaigners school) in 1943.

      The Junkershule survived 8 different attempts to bomb it because each one was weathered out and so was taken intact. Like all SS facilities, as per the surrender terms, it became a possession of the allied occupying power for perpetuity if that power so desired. The Kasserne was General Pattons first HQ during the occupation and he named it for his friend Col. Paddy Flint who was killed in action in the tough hedgerow fighting in the drive to take St. Lo. and break out of Normandy.

      Not far away is Dachau which was the first of Hitler’s concentration camps. During WW II Bad Tolz did not only hold that SS training facility, it also was a medical and convalescence center with eight hospitals for taking care of the wounded. Slave labor from a nearby satellite camp of the Dachau system helped build that huge quadrangle and took care of various services at the hospitals.

      During my time at Bad Tolz I had to make two trips to Dachau because I just couldn’t get a handle on it. The way the Bavarians treated me and my fellow American soldiers just did not add up with the history I knew! The Germans were industrious, clean, and organized and polite. Many of them Christians as demonstrated by the several beautiful churches in the Town. I think the vast mamority of them actually liked our presence among them.

      In the end there was only one answer I could come up with. Evil, or the ability to avert our eyes from it and deny it’s existence or rationalize and accept it’s presence and effects, abides in all of us. And the only way to combat it is to understand that fact, recognize it, and stand up to it. Three years stationed at Bad Tolz and about another year of TDY in Germany, only reinforced that opinion for me.

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