Pulled My France Videos

There are a lot of different theories floating about which thermometer recorded the 45.9C in France, so I made the videos discussing the thermometer private. Please do not send me information if you are not certain about the source.

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  1. Gator says:

    If the rooftop station didn’t make it to 45.9C, just which barbecued station did?

    • David of Aussie says:

      If it wasn’t the roof top station, and it is only a couple of blocks away from the ground based station, where is the data for the rooftop?

      • arn says:

        Now that’s some legit question.

        Another question is:
        Is it usual for France to have 2 stations so close together?
        I thought that small rural places barely have one.

        • Disillusioned says:

          Another question is, what’s so special about this one? Cold and warm records are broken everyday somewhere around the globe. It’s always been that way. It was a fleeting temperature, and it is 25.4C in the afternoon right now.

  2. R Shearer says:

    Good for you, doing the right thing.

  3. rah says:

    I don’t understand why the confusion? Why is it so hard to identify the specific station where the “record” was recorded? Lots of competent people looking at this and yet still confusion.

    • Tel says:

      Yes, exactly! This is supposed to be science and all the players get payed well enough, so they should deliver the goods without any of us needing to chase them for it.

  4. Philippe RAI says:

    Météo France is the official meteorological organization in France

    The information on measurement sites can be found here:

    Enter the department number (30) and select
    Gallargues-le-Montueux in the drop-down menu.

    We obtain the exact GPS situation and the site description (Fiche de poste)

    We learn that the station was opened in 1985, so not really
    a lot of hindsight …
    She has been moved twice.
    Only the rain mesure is on the roof.
    The quality of the site for the temperature measurement is class 3 Nr35B,
    therefore heat sources or bodies of water between 10m and 30m, vegetation
    <25 cm. There is a canal at 16m.
    From what I see there are two temperature measurements, one of
    class C NS / 162/07 global uncertainty of 0.4 ° C or E NS / 162/07
    unknown specifications.

    It remains to be seen what Météo France makes of these data according to the
    quality of the site and the quality of the measures, if it gives the
    raw data or if it corrects them.

    The problem is that you have to pay for the values ​​of the measures and then it is forbidden to broadcast them.

    Infoclimat is an other organisation, a private non-profit association

  5. spike55 says:

    I have often asked the lead con-man from BEST (Moshpit or some name) to identify where the data they use comes from.

    Basically… THEY DON’T HAVE A CLUE where from or what quality their data is.

    Change of subject.

    Said hello to one of the new neighbours the other day.. noisy fellas !!

  6. Petit_Barde says:

    After some investigation (I should have done it before : MY BAD !) :
    – I finally found the weather station at Gallargues le Montueux referenced at infoclimat.fr. The house is at the junction between the street of Oliviers and the street of Pierre Plantée :


    This weather station has been qualified by météo France and belongs to the StatIC network and thus its measurements can be published on the infoclimat.fr website.

    The weather station was not yet installed in november 2010, but the house matches with the pictures on the infoclimat.fr site (second picture) :

    The météo France weather station in Gallargues is described here :

    and is located here (at 1.1km from the StatIC weather station, outside the town, rather surrounded by vegetation and at 16 meters from the canal) :

    According to the pdf link, the weather station is on the Cave-coopérative site, and is composed of two pieces :
    – a rain gauge on a roof top of the cave coopérative,
    – a temperature weather station near the canal (16m).

    I first assumed that the StatIC station and the météo France station were one and the same :
    – the StatIC on the roof being used as a rain gauge,
    – and the météo France near the canal, being used for temperatures measurement.

    But I did not found any roof station at the Cave-Coopérative site and after, I found where the StatIC station was located :
    – too distant from the Cave-coopérative (1.1 km) to be fairly considered as being a component of the Cave-coopérative weather station.

    So, there might be two temperature data set, one of the StatIC weather station, published at infoclimat.fr, and one which is not published (or paywalled) from the météo France weather station.

    Searching for Gallargues temperatures for the 28th of June on the météo France website, the answer is the closest weather station, at Montpellier, which max for the 28th of June is 43,5°C :

    Lieu : ‘gall …’ then select Gallargues le Montueux
    Date : Vendredi 28 Juin 2019

    So, either the météo France weather station of Gallargues is paywalled, or the data are from the StatIC weather station, but, MY BAD, I run too fast and the fact is that I actually can’t confirm any one of these two hypothesis.

    There is still a question left :
    – how a poorly placed weather station, in a town, on a tile roof, near an AC (see photo or google, the AC is on the wall), facing an asphalt road, can record a max of 44.1°C while a station outside of the town, rather surrounded by vegetation, near a canal can record a max of 45,9°C for the same day ?

    Sorry again for the mess I might have caused and thank you Tony to have withdrawn my post.

  7. KevinPaul says:

    Frankly, I’d trust the French government and its authorities as far as I can kick em, especially since socialist Macron is one of the biggest proponents of the Paris agreement, global communism is his dream.

    Being downunder I appreciate just how low they will go to achieve their goals, despite the despoiling, destruction and our protestations. Fallout in paradise –

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