“Scientists Amazed”

Steve Goddard on Twitter: “Canada’s largest Arctic settlement was relocated 65 years ago”

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5 Responses to “Scientists Amazed”

  1. Gerald Machnee says:

    And what were the temperatures in the 1930’s and 1940’s?

  2. Anon says:


    Wow! Thanks for this!

    People have no chance of interpreting the news correctly , never mind AGW theory, without information like this.

    You are providing a real service!!!

  3. Why are they Amazed??

    Didn’t the Models predict all this decades ago.. LOL..

  4. Pathetic Lies from the Hoaxers..

    Read this article.. then look at where Tuktoyaktuk is located.. oh sure.. looks really f’ing frozen.. next they claim its the warmest in 5000 years, yet Permafrost is defined as having been frozen for just 2 or more years..


  5. Rah says:

    TRUCK DRIVER AMAZED! By how dishonest and stupid some “scientists” are

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