The Footprint Of Global Warming

Red areas are climate, blue areas are weather.

France’s record hot temperature (115F) was set yesterday a few miles east of Montpelier.

I can’t find any long term data at the record site, but at Montpelier, the temperature at 11 am was 108F, rose to 109F at 11:30, and then fell to 100F at noon.

Mauguio, France History | Weather Underground

So for a few minutes, the temperature was a shocking 1F higher than 1935, when France was hot and Japan was flooding.

02 Jul 1935 – HEAT-WAVE IN FRANCE. – Trove

Meanwhile, 100 miles west at Toulouse, it was 103F yesterday – eight degrees cooler than 1923.

11 Aug 1923 – HEAT IN FRANCE. – Trove

Toulouse, France Forecast | Weather Underground

Paris has been nowhere close to record heat. Today is the last day and peak of the heatwave there, with a forecast high of 96F. They have had 164 days since the year 1900 hotter than that, including seven days over 100F.

There can be little doubt that a half hour long surge of heat at a tiny area in France shows the planet is doomed.

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