Tornado Outbreak Of June 6, 1917

On June 6, 1917 a tornado outbreak killed dozens of people from Kansas to Michigan.

15 Jun 1917, Page 2 – Taiban Valley News at

06 Jun 1917, 1 – Winfield Daily Courier at

A cold front came from Canada and collided with warm, humid air in the south. Tornadoes formed along the frontal boundary.

June 6 temperatures have been declining in the US since the 19th century, and June 6, 1917 was well below normal temperatures. Tornadoes are worst during cold springs, like 2019.  The hottest June 6ths were 1933 and 1925.

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4 Responses to Tornado Outbreak Of June 6, 1917

  1. GW Smith says:

    Cold fronts meeting warm fronts? But, they told me it was from global warming, er climate change, all caused by republicans.

  2. Brian D says:

    This was a exceptionally strong low pressure for this time of year, 29.15 (987 mb). On the 5th, it was a 29.6 (1002 mb) low over Oklahoma and Kansas. It “bombed” in 24 hrs. Then weakened has it moved over Wisconsin on the 7th. Here’s the wx map for the 6th. Today, that would be another globull warming poster child.

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