Will The Real Thermometer Please Stand Up

I pulled my videos about the French thermometer, due to several different theories about which thermometer it actually was recorded at. Here is a new video discussing the confusion and the best information I can find.

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  1. David of Aussie says:

    Tony, the photos of the alternate ground based station has a security fence around it with concrete post footings that look no more than a couple of weeks old. Just thought i would throw that extra bit of speculation out there. Well done for clarifying the uncertainty about the location of the station.

  2. spike55 says:

    As far as I can figure, this “new” temperature station was established in 2017,

    The photo (taken 2018) of it found elsewhere on the web shows, as David says, a new steel fence, and new cement clearly shown around the base of the station.


    As far as I can figure, the station is somewhere in the red circle on this google maps image

  3. Tel says:

    At Catallaxy Files someone found Le Triadou with a max of 45.6 °C but that’s not the location reported by the media … nor is it the value reported by the media … near enough good enough for climate science.


    There’s photos available of a little unit on a post in the yard, with some low buildings around. Not a whole lot of screening though.

    I should point out that we have had some extremely cold weather in Australia about the same time of the heatwave in Europe. But the hot weather gets reported while the simultaneous cold weather does not. You know, it’s almost enough to make you believe that conservation of energy is a thing.

  4. Ron says:

    No comment on this specific video. I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. You have really helped in my understanding of what is really going on w/ all of these line graphs and how they are being manipulated. Your easy to understand explanations have not only helped me learn but also be able to have a better understanding of what is really happening. After reading and watching all of your archives for 2019, you have been added to my top 5 list of go to people on this subject. I will definitely be watching/reading the rest of your archives over the next few weeks. Thank you once again.

    • Astro says:

      I will second that Tony. You did a great job debunking the Canadian Sub-Arctic permafrost thaw in Tuktoyaktuk which displays a subarctic climate anyway, just short of a polar (tundra) climate, and a July mean temperature that is slightly above 10 °C (50 °F). Also, you debunked the photo of the musher driving his sled team over water covered ice purporting that due to carbon dioxide induced warming of Greenland; yet, as you pointed out, the Petermann Glacier grows. Sincerest thanks.

  5. Psalmon says:

    FWIW I have been living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia the last couple years, and I don’t have to explain that in the Summer here it is hot. Most days it is about 36-39 C but the humidity is routinely in the 20s, so the “real feel” is in the 40s every day. Jeddah is at ~21 degrees of latitude and on the Red Sea so we get humidity even in Winter, like the tropics but desert.

    Every day here would cause a “heat emergency” in New York City where I lived most recently…the Mayor would come on and talk about elderly and pets and kids in cars, and pretty much how some of us will not survive. HERE, it is just Tuesday, or Wednesday… Last Friday on the 21st, the Solstice, the winds came around to the East off the desert. The temperature soared to 48C. It was very hot. I was out in the morning cycling and temps rose to 42C by 9AM. Nobody opened cooling stations. Shelters were not advertised. Nobody claimed it was “the new normal” or this was “the canary in the coal mine”. It was just Friday. I spent the day (off here) at the pool.

    The hottest I ever experienced was in Dubai in July. Dew points then are daily in the 30s Celsius. Temps daily are 40+. Heat Indexes often reach 60C. That is like 140 F , truly unbearable for over a minute or so. Yet this is normal, life goes on.

    In the West we have been so softened by our media who cry anytime the temp goes over 90F. It is so sad to watch.

    • Robertv says:

      Exactly. To get hot air out of the Sahara on the longest days of the year will naturally make it warmer than normal. There is nothing strange about that. But it is a cold depression that went farder south than normal over the Atlantic that provoked this weather.

    • griff says:

      Yes, but 39 C is a record and a dangerous heatwave for western Europe, where such temps are very unusual.

      Especially so so early in the summer.

      this IS extreme weather. This IS climate change

      • KevinPaul says:

        You need to read Tony’s post about old news reports revealing how this weather anomaly has many past European precedents.
        Tony controls the past through old media reports, from a time when the media was independant andstood for truth. Anyone who ignores the past is clearly on a self deceptive homage.
        This response isn’t for those like you experiencing a climate orgasm, over natural weather events, but those who may be misled by your gurgitations.

      • David of Aussie says:


      • Robertv says:

        ‘so early in the summer’

        Don’t worry daytime is getting shorter again.

      • Psalmon says:

        You just cannot justify this claim the temperature last week in Montpellier is anything but weather. Here is the Dangerous Heatwave for example.

        It was excessively hot one day on Friday. 33-35 was above normal but not excessive.

      • Gamecock says:

        “This IS climate change”

        And what is ‘climate change?’

      • spike55 says:

        One day is NOT a heatwave, grifftroll.

        Take you empty ignorance elsewhere.

        There have been hotter days in the past when CO2 was much lower.

        This is URBAN heating and NATURAL VARIABILITY

        You are a LIAR and a Denier.

  6. Toto's fan says:

    Athletes that break Olympic records are not really athletes but are in fact climate change.

  7. Disillusioned says:

    Good post, Tony.

    Climate propagandists and their religious followers never admit when they are wrong (which seems to be about… 97% of the time), let alone play it safe in the interest of truth whenever they find out there is conflicting data and that their may be something incorrect (such as their constant ignorance of past record temperatures while screaming “record heat”). Their only goal seems to be to continue spreading their anti-science CO2-did-it propaganda, regardless of any/all conflicting data that eviscerates their message.

    I really appreciate your integrity and interest in facts, not fiction.

    • Disillusioned says:

      2nd paragraph, third line – “their” should have been ‘there.’ Dam homophones. Uh… uhh… I mean damn. :-D

  8. Broadlands says:

    Does it really matter if a new record is made at one location in France when the warmest years on record in the US 48 states were back in 1921 and 1934? Record warmth was recorded in July of 1921 all across Europe as well. CO2 was pre-industrial.

  9. Peter Yarnall says:

    Just as a matter of interest, last Saturday (22nd June) it SNOWED at Arapahoe Basin ski area in Summit County in Colorado, about 70 miles west of Denver and at a base elevation of 10 000 feet. They are still skiing weekends there, as their season lasts as long as the snow does.
    It all comes down to the jet stream after all!

  10. TomRude says:

    1) Infoclimat does have the Meteo France Station with all information metadata:
    2) The rooftop “station” is part of an amateur network named StatIC, not Meteo France: this information is on the infoclimat page for that location here:.
    Glad you corrected the previous posts. Integrity is paramount.

  11. Gilles says:

    A few questions remain as Meteo France says the record was set at 16h20 but on the private network infoclimat 16h20 was the lowest temperature in the segment 15h30-17h50. The 2 stations are 750 m away from each other with 20 m altitude difference.


    • Gator says:

      That is the real issue. It appears that the record is an outlier, likely a bug, and not a feature (news story).

      • arn says:

        Isn’t it interressting that they always need bugs and adjustments to fit their narrative.

        I would not be surprised that out of the last 1000 measurments this was the only bug.

    • Tel says:

      Very good information, and to me it shows how questionable this “highest temperature” business is to begin with. I would have normally expected the rooftop measurement to be hotter than the station in a grassy paddock, however perhaps the altitude is the key here.

      Placing a station over grass only gives a consistent result if you can be sure the grass remains at the same height and moisture content. If there are times in summer when the grass dries out and dies back to dirt, then you no longer have a station over grass, you have a station over dry dirt instead. At that point you have lost the natural cooling that green grass provides.

      Unlikely that the meteo-paris photograph was taken on the exact day of the measurement, but that grass looks like brown stubble to me and not green at all.

      This cooling/heating effect based on more/less moisture in the topsoil has been observed elsewhere. Joanne Nova had some examples of it. Interesting that the Le Triadou station I linked to above is also part of the amateur network, but got a high reading (close to the meteo-paris reading but not quite there) and it was low to the ground over grass without a lot of screening around it.

  12. EternalOptimist says:

    It is a fact that the temperature, or average temperature of a spot on the earth was x at a particular time.
    It is also a fact that a measuring device will record a temperature at that spot, at that time.
    It is also a fact that a different device will record a different tempertature.
    Lastly, it is also a fact that any measurements are subject to revision and interpretation.

    anyone who wants to base an important decision on these revised and interpreted measurements is an idiot – fact.

  13. richard says:

    Remember this site has flagged up that a thousand years ago the Seine, Rhine and Loire rivers dried up due to the droughts.

  14. griff says:

    Apparently a record heatwave across much of western Europe is all fake?

    Oh come on…

    This just hasn’t happened in June before… 5 countries have set new all time records: record temps and heatwaves usually occur in late summer, not the start of summer.

    • Psalmon says:

      Here are the “climate averages” for Montpillier:

      July and August peak at about 29C average. Lows are 19.

    • Disillusioned says:

      No, not fake at all. There have always been heatwaves. And cold snaps. Look at the past, griffy! Even if records were broken for June for a day or two, records are broken somewhere around the world every summer, autumn, winter and spring. When cold records were busted through, you didn’t post alarm about those! Why?

      There’s nothing unusual about the weather that hasn’t happened before. You see monsters where there are none. You’re imagining an acpocalypse; what happened isn’t your fake climate change. Get a grip!

      • Gator says:

        Give Ms Griff a break! Do you really think she is that stupid? Of course, after years of having many many people carefully explaining to her the differences between climate and weather, she gets it. She knows! What you forget is her deep hatred of poor brown people, it knows no bounds. She couldn’t possibly be as stupid as you presume. Nobody could. Hate is a powerful thing.

        • Disillusioned says:

          Gator, I don’t know if that post was tongue-in-cheek, or not. I respect you a lot, but I’m not so sure griff does this out of hatred for brown people. There are plenty of white people in Britain and elsewhere suffering because of promoted fear of AGW insanity has skyrocketed energy prices.

          I do not think griff is a ‘Jim Jones’. The fairly polite troll seems like one of the scared followers who keeps drinking the Kool-Aid and must proselytize everywhere to save the world from perceived evil. griff seems like a low-IQ religious zealot to me. Religious zealots do not respond logically to facts and data.

          But, you You may be right. Maybe I am wrong about griff. I reserve the right to be wrong.

        • Gator says:

          I have repeatedly shown Ms Griff clear proof that her agenda is needlessly causing the death of millions of poor brown people, and yet she proudly and loudly continues her march over their dead bodies.

          Ms Griff cannot be that stupid. Nobody is.

          Question: Is willingly and needlessly killing innocent humans an act of love, or is it an act of hate?

    • Robertv says:

      “Well, I’ve never seen it before,” said Jalisco’s state governor Enrique Alfaro. “Hailstones that look like snow. And then we ask ourselves ‘does climate change exist?’” Authorities deployed heavy machinery to clear the icy buildup in at least six city neighborhoods.


    • spike55 says:

      One day is NOT a heat wave, grifftroll.

      So yes.. IS FAKE NEWS. !

      But you knew that, didn’t you.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Good to see you posting again spike55. A two-months moratorium was long enough. :-D

        • spike55 says:

          Been busy with unfortunate but inevitable family matters. :-(
          Dad nearly made it to 94.

          Then heaps of work to catch up on.

          Plus this delay in posts appearing is a PITA.

  15. Psalmon says:

    Today it is 30C. It will be a bit warm this week up to 33C and lows around 21, but next week it will be 30 and 19.

    You can put together the same collage for every place on the planet. There are warm days and there are cold days and there is average.

    If you do this for Poland this week you’ll find it is very cold compared to average…is it the new ICE AGE? Of course not.

    This whole heatwave hype is just ambulance chasing propaganda. And unfortunately it works on the weak minded.

    • Psalmon says:

      The chart that got scrubbed off…

      • Psalmon says:

        Here is the temp history for Montpellier last couple weeks.

        Highs ranged 27 to 43. Lows 17-23.

        Most of the highs were above average 33-35 and only one day it spiked to 43. That day, Friday it was above 40 for about five hours.

        THAT is global warming…That one day out of the entire week, the entire month when it was hot for six or so hours is proof that CO2 has run amok and we need to turn all fossil fuels off.

        When you look at these charts I don’t see how you correlate one day of excessive temps with climate change. How can anyone look at one week of above average temps around that one day and see it other than weather unless you are completely brainwashed.

      • Psalmon says:

        This one.

        I give up on this filter.

  16. Disillusioned says:

    Psalmon says, “If you do this for Poland this week you’ll find it is very cold compared to average…is it the new ICE AGE? Of course not.

    This whole heatwave hype is just ambulance chasing propaganda. And unfortunately it works on the weak minded.”


    Disillusionment is a good thing!

    • Psalmon says:

      Thank you D. I will add the last chart in the series here, this delay of the spam check really makes it hard to organize, but doing my best.

      This is the week BEFORE the “heat wave from hell that is proof positive of Climate Change!”

      Before we murder 100s of millions of people, note that Montpellier the week before had Highs of 23-30 with most days around 26-27. Lows were 14-18.

      Oh, and the June average is? 16-26. Montpellier could not have been more average. A warm weather pattern settled in, it got really hot one day, the day after was almost 10 degrees cooler…and then it went back to about average again.

      This is no different than a thunderstorm. No different than a hurricane. A flooding rain for a week. Same as a dry spell. A snowy cold week in June somewhere like Colorado.

      It happens, weather, all the time, every day, somewhere. And we don’t need to starve half the planet and freeze a quarter of people to death, and dress up in skeletons and carry coffins around in a parade, and call for marxist control of all governments, so we can build giant windmills and solar farms that someday resemble the heads on Easter Island. You go to the pool, the beach, the mountains…you cool off, you move inland, you take shelter, like people have done for centuries.

      Hopefully we can avoid the madness that this brainwashing will lead to in left unchecked by rational people.

      • Disillusioned says:

        A warm weather pattern settled in, it got really hot one day, the day after was almost 10 degrees cooler…and then it went back to about average again….

        This is no different than a thunderstorm. No different than a hurricane. A flooding rain for a week. Same as a dry spell. A snowy cold week in June somewhere like Colorado. It happens, weather, all the time, every day, somewhere. And we don’t need to starve half the planet and freeze a quarter of people to death, and dress up in skeletons and carry coffins around in a parade, and call for marxist control of all governments, so we can build giant windmills and solar farms that someday resemble the heads on Easter Island.

        Again, so well said. Except the 21st century sacrificial monuments won’t last as long; there are already graveyards of those dodo birds rusting away.

        Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.
        – Jesus Christ

  17. David of Aussie says:

    As per in Australia with a desert climate, the summer heat in Europe does not come from the sun that shines on Europe and is trapped by all this nasty extra CO2. It comes from super heated dry air in Africa’s Sahara that is blown north across the Mediterranean.

    Why do deserts become super heated? Because of a lake of rain fall. Why is there a lack of rainfall? Because a cooling Earth is a drying Earth. With less energy in the atmosphere there is less evaporation and less moisture to fall as rain.

    If there are heat records being broken in France, in this case it is ironically because of global cooling not warming. The ice age is coming!

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