Alarmists Getting Desperate

Tom Steyer is now paying money to interfere with my videos.  Brilliant marketing putting a global warming scam ad in the middle of a video exposing his scam.

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4 Responses to Alarmists Getting Desperate

  1. Anon says:

    That will probably backfire… as in most cases these illustrate just how crazy the other side is, both in the claims they make and the insistence on pushing their agenda.

    I was teaching CAGW to university undergrads for years and “NEVER” saw a climate skeptic article or video until I went to seek them out for myself, never! And then I had to really work to find all of the sources.

    If you can figure out at what time these ads occur in your videos, and anticipate them – you should interrupt you video deliberately, and say something like:


    It could be really funny if done the right way!

    PS: I noticed the question you fielded in Australia about your sources of funding. I thought you gave a great answer. But does it really make any sense that a company like Exxon Mobile would spend millions of dollars supporting a computer engineer and a retired professor from Canada, to further their cause?

    • Anon says:

      And when I hear the argument that the fossil fuel companies are pouring billions of dollars into climate skeptic research, my reply now is: “Oh yeah? How many climate satellites does Exxon Mobile have orbiting the Earth?” These are just such flimsy arguments.

  2. Loran Blood says:

    It isn’t enough that the Left, including the green Left, virtually dominates mainstream journalism, the academy, K-12 public ed and social media platforms. No, that’s not quite enough. There must be an effective “fairness doctrine” everywhere so that, if conservatives/libertarians want to say something, the Left must insert themselves into the speech of others so that, as in Maoist China, where loudspeakers on every street corner blared government propaganda at all hours, one can never be in a space in which leftist speech is absent and concentrate fully on an alternative view.

    Yes, they’re desperate, and mob enforcement of their ideas, as we see with Extinction Rebellion and Antifa, is the next step when that sense of desperation reaches a fever pitch.

  3. Joel says:

    I’ve been watching a wide variety of videos on YouTube – most recently videos of model airplane construction – and all I ever see are those ridiculous six-second Tom Steyer ads.

    I’m getting SO sick of them. Plus, he keeps saying inane – and factually incorrect – things like “…our democracy should work for the people.” If a candidate can’t even get the basics right…

    It’s like the entire student body from Clown College all decided to quit school and run for President as Democrats.

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