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Blue vs. Red

Progressive California, where huge numbers of people are homeless and living in squalor. Texas

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New York Times Celebrates Independence Day

New York Times Opinion on Twitter

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Kaepernick And Nike Celebrate The Fourth Of July

The American flag is now racist.

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The Nick Stokes Glacial Theory

Nick Stokes has advanced an amazing new theory that ten miles of a 2,000 foot thick glacier melted during two months of summer in 2012, at temperatures barely above freezing. July 1, 2019 at 7:36 pm Climate alarmism and basic … Continue reading

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New Video : Rapidly Growing Glacier Ended His Skepticism

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Florida Climate Fire Sale

In June of last year, The always reliable Guardian reported that Florida is about to be wiped off the map. Rising seas: ‘Florida is about to be wiped off the map’ | Environment | The Guardian This report terrified investors, … Continue reading

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